Robert Lebec

Robert Lebec, the famous German photographer, not dreamed as a child of the photos did not ask my parents to buy a camera, it is not considered fascinated in magazines pictures of famous photo guru, but only up to a point - once in 1952, his wife gave Robert birthday camera .
And this unexpected gift cool completely changes his life - from the moment he can say "sick" photo.
And after three and a half months of pictures of the young novice photographer who studied only publications magazine «Life», began to appear in German periodicals.

Clark Gable and Sophia Loren. Rome. 1959.

Klaus Kinski. Rome. 1969.

Jean-Luc Godard and his wife, Anna-Karin. Berlin. 1961.

Diana Rigg and Kurt Yurgens.1968.

And in 1956 Lebec waiting for his first big success. They began to report on prisoners of war returning from the Soviet Union, which is published in the journal «Revue». It is since Robert Vsegermanskogo acquires fame. In 1960 in the journal «Kristall» published his "Africa" ​​report, and after 6 years of age are invited to work in Lebec «Stern» - the most famous German illustrated magazine in those years.

Elvis Presley in Friedberg (Hesse). 1958.

Billy Wydler with his wife Audrey. Berlin. 1961.

Jayne Mansfield. Berlin. 1961.

Maria Callas. Stuttgart. 1959.

Romy Schneider. Berlin. 1976.

Romy Schneider. Quiberon (Brittany). 1981.

Since the beginning of the 60s, no major political or cultural event in Germany passes without Robert Lebec: he photographs at military parades and public receptions at international film festivals and concerts of famous musicians on the streets of German cities. Lebec It becomes a major chronicler of the "economic miracle" of Germany.

Romy Schneider. 1976.

Romy Schneider. 1981.

Romy Schneider and her daughter Sarah. Paris. 1981.

Romy Schneider. Quiberon. 1981.

Romy Schneider. Austria. 1976.

Friedrich Dürrenmatt. 1986.

International fame brought Robert Lebec reportage photography such as "Stolen Sword" or "funeral of President Kennedy." In addition, it is also a great portraitist: Lebec worldwide shooting celebrities and political leaders: Elvis Presley, Alfred Hitchcock, Jayne Mansfield, Konrad Adenauer, Helmut Kohl, Willy Brandt, Jacqueline Kennedy, Ernst Bloch, Günter Grass and many, many others .

Robert Lebec never took formal portraits, his "model" never posed for him. The main task of the photographer, with which he handled well, was just to catch a moment, press the button in the same single point, which is issued by Henri Cartier-Bresson called the "decisive».

Willy Brandt. 1969.

Willy Brandt. 1973.

Minsk. 1970 "Exhibition of Achievements of the USSR»

Gorky Park. Moscow. 1962.

The monument to Stalin. Yerevan. 1962.

Overstock. Berlin. 1983.

Children in Germany. 1960.

Fans of Elvis Presley. Berlin. 1960.

Moscow. 1962.

Young Georgians. Tbilisi. 1962.

Rink. Moscow. 1962.

Morning work-out. Sochi. 1962.


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