On the other side of Lady Gaga

Let's start with the fact that this girl needs no introduction, because all over the world Lady Gaga not only know, love and respect, but also often criticized, so her stage name on everyone's lips. She chose an image of "little monsters mother", because before it was not such sverhepatazha in sight, and the world is waiting ... waiting for a very long time. Yes, Björk, Boy George, Madonna and others like them have tried to bet on the outrageous, but that offered the world Lady Gaga, not before seen one. But as often happens this way only a well-thought-out picture that the singer should demonstrate. Before Lady Gaga was not Gaga and ordinary girl named Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta, who was trying to become famous. She was a brunette, dressed very mediocre, but it was a huge potential that opened when she knocked 22.

She was dressed in bright clothes, repainted in blonde, hoisted the bow on her head and she sang her hit «Just Dance», which in summer 2008 led all major charts in the US and Canada. Then it transformed the style - it was decided to remove the bow, add a little shocking to change the repertoire, so there was today Gaga - "Mama little monsters." It is now, as it was before you see yourself:

Even as a child she decided to become a musician, because music is, according to her, was in her blood. She worked long and hard and, despite all the setbacks, became the star of the glory of the dream of many. For three years active work she had accumulated so many awards and nominations, as some artists there and his career. His songs she wrote herself and says that puts them in his soul. If you have a negative attitude to love Gaga, or vice versa it work with all my heart, I suggest to read excerpts from her numerous interviews and get to know her better ...

I have always been popular. The truth is not everyone knew it

I am ready to die for the music. I just hope I do not have

Even if the whole world will fall back to you, you always have you yourself

Do not hide yourself in regret, just love yourself and all you will be fine

Believe and work hard, and your dreams will come true

People say horrible things about me, I thought about it and mostly they are right

Love - it's always a risk. Love jumps off cliffs, love is gratuitous. It helps you to live and destroys. Looking for love provides power to your artistic soul. I'm afraid that as soon as you find love, then you have nothing left, as you can write songs

Some women chasing men, and some - for the dream. If you are at a fork, remember that your career will not wake up one morning to say that the longer you do not like

I want to impress people, to show that you can be what you want. Music - that's what keeps me so strange as I am

I actually had a dream, and I really wanted to be a star, and I was almost like a monster because I was fearless

If someone tells you that your dreams you will never reach, or is trying to crush you - show claws, tell them what you are - a little monster and achieve the hell, what you want!

Peace. This is not meant to be the place where there is no problem of noise or hard work. It is to be among the things that I enjoy your heart

Of course, people do not like it when you do not like them. They will make fun of you for a long time, to condemn, humiliate, but it all comes from envy. They may not like you, they do not lack spirit. Simply call someone crazy than to admit that you're afraid to distinguish themselves from the crowd


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