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Recently, the singer has got dreadlocks. Surprise-that somehow we must!

I love music, it is always with me. Recording a new album in his home studio.

Tonight's show in Chile, I will never forget! xxx

Farewell, Sao Paulo!

Lazy day very sore back and think I need a nurse.

Now Gaga still and plant. A few months ago, after the singer was named one of the species of fern.

Gaga germanotta here! It's real, I plant!

Gaga on the beach:

My Halloween costume (it is time to increase the crown). hahahaha ...

I can not wait for the show. Mexico City, today I find it hard to speak, but for you I'll do my best!

Gaga and her friends celebrate the victory in the election of Barack Obama:

We simply can not be more happier. My God, what a joy when freedom wins!

Argentina is so beautiful, wonderful day today! We love you little monsters, and touring just for you!

Today is the anniversary «BAD ROMANCE». I miss those days.

Lady Gaga with his prize «LennonOno Peace Prize», which she received for services to charity.

Thank you, Yoko!

"Bulimia and anorexia since 15 years", the singer signed these photos.

Twitter Lady Gaga:


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