Erdal works Inches

This man is mysterious, but this is an explanation of its features. Photographer, director and master of graffiti from Istanbul Erdal Inches just fills his worth, which rises with each of his extraordinary work. Price - the popularity of his blog, for which he thoroughly took in October. Erdal realized that static pictures are nothing new and decided to come to grips with gif animation. He does it with the help of a video in which one person (usually he) repeatedly repeating the same action. Subsequently Inches "clones" of man and converts video format hyphae, thus appearing here are working, which, as he says, you can hypnotize people. It is strange, unusual, but wonderful!

With elastic sixth in 2009.

Runner on a rock. 2009.

A friend-artist Erdal twists hulahup ...

Inches from the torch on the square in Istanbul. November, 2012.


Shooting with your favorite ball. 2009.

Cat + cleaning. 2012.


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