Take a break, show creativity

Creativity and creative everywhere, they live in each of us. It does not matter who you work with and how to spend your free time. We offer a selection of magnificent creative talent, both in the workplace and on vacation.

Even in the janitor or cleaner

The photo was taken at passers Swanston Street in Melbourne. Dreaming, man has forgotten that just needs to be washed out, and created a street art masterpiece.

Carried away

And sat down, because, with his son to build the castle.

Now just lock

Although, again carried away.

Just passing by very creative passer

So stump became a local landmark.

In McDonalds

In anticipation of chicken wings

Surprise cashier

Decomposable purchase by color

A creative person, even an awesome shopping list

A creative approach to laying wood

When fishing has not worked

Help creativity and a hell of patience

Like a car wash

The inspiration. Changed his mind.

Bored in the office?

On the desktop, too, can create.

In a hardware store

Showpiece. Our people are everywhere.

Source: pervakov.livejournal.com


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