Cobblestone to help the diver

Summer, honey creek, warmth, grace. Vacationers razomlevshie from heat, lazily tossed from side to side and even more lazily rise and defile the water.
And - in stark contrast - located close to a group of novice divers under the watchful eye of instructors. There are all alive, businesslike. Conveyor. The first went, and the second went. Lazy people watching. Always nice to see a proactive people comfortably ensconced in a deck chair.
And instructors, meanwhile, is an emergency situation. Can not pack one of the participants in the immersion suit. The girl - the envy of nudes by Rubens and Kustodiev. On gazok - one hundred and twenty pounds so. So guys puffing, trying to shove under the zipper fasteners fall out out of the trunk. Finally pushed all the folds and try to start the dive.
But netushki. Do not immerse Mademoiselle, despite the active support sweaty trainers. That is, they are literally on its head and shoulders pritaplivayut, and she, as a float, immediately pops up. Whether the girl at breakfast something interesting ate, or even what factors affect the physics of the process, but the process, even cry.
And then one of them dawns. He takes two good-sized kibble, of those that are lying in abundance along the coast. Hands them mademoiselle. And, mesmerizing eyes, yelling at her mask: "Hold! Tight! Emissions only when the team is on the ascent! "


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