These cute pinnipeds

What is a stereotype? For example: Seal - is cute, cuddly animal pinniped. Shark - the personification of evil and aggression. Who attack anyone? Clear the degree that the second to first. In principle, it is so often the case. But it also happens the other way around. We must not forget that seals also not eat algae. They completely carnivorous tendencies. Another thing is that they are mostly small fish foraged.
Oh well. Blow up stereotypes. We help videos and photos. Which is clearly visible and the process of hunting and its consequences. And seal turned these great foodie. After the massacre with the sharks (and he has caught in a relatively short period of time five fishes in length from one to one and a half meters), he did not eat prey whole, and only eat the liver and stomach. Here's a taste selectivity. Milyaga simple.
But the fur seal decided to try octopus meat. But it was not so easy to do. This rubber tentacle did not want to come off or bite off. But in general was very picturesque scene of struggle between good seal with the insidious shellfish.
These are good-natured little creatures. But really, is not so important who commits any act. It is important to our relationship to it.


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