The Seven Deadly Sins popularity

One of the most famous fotoshoperov on Facebook Merlito (MerlitoDesigns) decided to raise an interesting and topical subject - 7 Deadly Sins, conventionally divided the top pop singers today, and ranked each of them their sin. Merlito his project called "7 Deadly Sins of popularity." Each of the singers he was happy to put in a coffin and made a farewell sign Rest In Peace (RIP). The project is very fresh, so I think that you do not just stumble on these pictures-pictures. By the way, Merlito is a big fan of pop music, and some of the performers, and his main love, perhaps, Christina Aguilera.

Christina Aguilera - "Lust»

Beyonce - "Greed»

Lady Gaga - "Envy»

Rihanna - "Anger»

Britney Spears - "Sloth»

Mariah Carey - "Gluttony" (gluttony)

Madonna - "Pride»

The same sins, the same singer, same fotoshoper, but the execution is better. Resolution of the image is much better than that of the above are otfotoshoplennyh pictures, which today posted Merlito on Facebook. True in the tombs of the singer looks spectacular.

And some more work Merlito, which is already being called the "God of Photoshop." Not too early right? The ideas he had, in principle, not bad, but over the execution of more worth to work ...


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