Girls who prefer men

Little child

No, it's not about dwarfs. Just some men like girls poinfantilnee they like this childish fun. Especially a female type-wealthy man attracted to men who need a "little sun", covering their monotonous life. Nevertheless, we should not delude ourselves. Sometimes men have a girl-girl not to indulge and out into the light, and to fashion out of it obedient wife-housewife.

Mysterious lady

All men like a little mystery to the girl. But do not go too far, in large doses secrets threaten relations. Simply put, you need to be moderately unpredictable and disclose information about itself gradually. But try to not look your understatement as if you do not trust her boyfriend - men do not like it.

Super Girl

Against the instincts is no arguing this fact. Beauty attracts attention in 99 cases out of 100, but does not guarantee happiness in his personal life and a successful marriage. Not every man wants a serious relationship with a girl who 24 hours a day looks like a red rag to a bull entire male population.

Poor Liza

Many men are attracted purity, innocence, shyness. Especially nowadays, when this type of girl the day the fire will not find. So do not be ashamed if you are a such an artifact. Adequate smart man always appreciate decency girl that wants to build a lasting relationship. He would like to teach you everything.

Bond girl

Yes, every first man Give Lara Croft, and they do not hide. But do not hurry to go so far, showing their unfeminine quality. Man wary if you have a black belt in karate, or, God forgive me, sumo. But something very simple, for example, to fix the faucet itself - a good way to cause admiration. If you love to climb mountains, rescue cats from trees, or engage in some kind of sport, you should show it. Men like activity, rather than being passive, the clock changes the status in social networks.

I myself

Men are attracted to a sort of "Miss Independence", which itself can solve their problems and not to make the brain. But over time, any man begins to wonder if he needed a woman, if she can handle herself well. Therefore, at least occasionally, at least pretend, pretend that you need his help. Let feels indispensable.

Second mother

First, a man wants to leave soon from under the wing of the parent and to feel free. When this happens, he now understands that he needs someone who will it wash and cook. And then they come - caring domohozyaistye girls, replacing the man her mother. However, after some time, the man again feels the crisis of puberty and wants to get away from this mothering. One must be a wise woman to cope with it.


This one is all admire, but that is always the same. Men do not have the courage to approach her. Girls need to learn this type of file marks to those who are interested in it. Otherwise, as in that song - "The Girl from high society is difficult to avoid loneliness ...»

The guy

Men like women with a sense of humor, their penchant for adventure, unusual hobby. That is, you have to laugh at his jokes, bogged down with him to play and watch football Encounter. In short, be the boyfriend.



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