Why spouses are similar

US researchers tested the theory that husbands and wives will eventually become similar to each other externally. Specialists convinced: this phenomenon does exist; sometimes spouses resemblance is so great that they are easily mistaken for brothers and sester.

Experts were collected photos of spouses living together 25 years or more. Then, these images were compared with those who did the future couples to marriage and early marriage. A simple analysis of the photos confirmed that in most cases, husbands and wives over the years of marriage really become almost a copy to each other. In all cases, the resemblance spouses a clear trend: the happier life together took a pair, the more obvious and impressive was the similarity of the husband and zheny.

According to psychologists at Yale University, a husband and wife often copy each other without noticing. This is especially felt on the bad habits of people. If, for example, the wife quit smoking or drinking, the chances are that the husband also refuses to alcohol and cigarettes, increased 5 times. The same mechanism applies to physical activity, visiting vrachey.

Experts believe that men and women tend to initially select companions of life of those who are with them some common external features. Therefore, the more similarities in spouses, the more likely that their marriage is going well. And vice versa - a happy marriage makes man and wife over the years more and more alike. Close people are gradually beginning to copy the facial expressions, manners, habits, and face each other, and the longer the family, the less consciously takes such copying.

Source: www.19rus.info/news/113278.html


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