Snake Massage

And you have decided on a snake massage?
In one of the spas in Jakarta do massage snakes.

Lying still, afraid to move, while on your bare back pythons crawling all shapes, sizes and colors - that's really a really unique way to relax!

Guide salon claims that it helps their clients to get rid of stress and forget about their pressing issues. In the end, as compared to crawling back pythons even the most terrible quarrel with his superiors seem childish joke.

Inside, argue that the movement of snakes and adrenaline that they force you to produce a positive effect on the metabolism of customers.

However, the adrenaline is produced in (like it or not) a stressful situation and thus has several effects on the human body.

In stressful situations body besides epinephrine produces other hormones that accelerate the heart together, increase blood pressure and energy in general.

So after this "therapy" you'll feel even more inflated and not quite rested. In the end, every one of us used to be in close proximity with the snakes.

It is likely that after a customer spent an hour in a stressed state, he may need another hour "real" massage.

But for those who like a snake (and in fact there are) like massage may well be the best option after a hard work week.
In any case, the idea is quite interesting, though eccentric. Furthermore, it attracts new customers.



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