How to travel in China (49 photos)

If you visit at least once in China - will never forget the manner of driving the local drivers. It has nothing to do with the Europeans and Americans, but something similar to us. Today, I talk about the Chinese road, especially the traffic rules and habits of those who are behind the wheel. Behind the wheel there is almost everything.

1 While I was only in two cities of the country, besides, the largest: the Beijing and Shanghai. It is also one of the most densely populated cities in the world. Public transport here is very beautiful, I wrote a story about the Chinese underground, which will soon be ahead of the rest, both in the number of stations, and on the extent of ways. From the road about the same situation, the Chinese understand that a lot of them,

2 And that means - you need to develop, the road is life. Construction is carried out continuously, both in urban and in rural areas. Build highways, do not hesitate to learn from those who are already on this dog ate it. Yes, including Koreans. They seriously help neighbors with the development of road and transport networks.

3 Please note - all pointers dubbed into English. In Beijing and Shanghai, again. I can not imagine how it will be in rural China, but I hope that the faithful navigator, traveling companion and translator and savvy will help to overcome all the difficulties of the next spring in a big journey.

4 Toll roads are. Payment terminals rather fancifully decorated in a traditional style.

5 Imagine if China did not have the transliteration in the subway, on the streets, on the roads? That is certainly the way it is, but far from the big cities. But this is how Russia is perceived foreigners coming to our country. Including Moscow. They do not know Cyrillic not understand a damn thing!

6 Thus, the road builders Beijing and Shanghai solid top five!

7 Almost all urban roads are divided by areas. And it's not just. For safety reasons, of course.

8 Traffic lights also divided. Separately for cars, separately for bike separately for pedestrians.

9 cyclists in the country very much. If I can call Scooter Thailand country, China is a country of bicycles.

10 Here is the perfect prospect. Express line and local, with turns in the surrounding streets. Acceleration of the band at the entrance to another road, splitter ... that this was to be the Third Transport in Moscow all along. And it never would stand in a traffic jam, do the builders of the mind. The Chinese - made.

11 Normal city street. Note that there are only one lane in each direction. One of them is given over to parking. And now look at the second row of parked. They stand there perfectly legal! The series - for short stops: unload something, wait old grandmother, taxi stop. We in the streets of hell's going on! Because there is a road with two lanes, the right is completely occupied by parked cars (illegal, mind you!), Someone else is trying to stand up "for a minute" second series ... but even if only one number is busy, it is formed by a cork. Why? It's all about the markup. The road was originally undeveloped so that everyone was comfortable and clear. We have a series of these rights markup - full-fledged part of the road to traffic. And they do not go.

12 Lovely intersection.

13 Such trestle began to build in Moscow.

14 tunnels. in the city.

15 English on every street!

16 Smiling Beijing Traffic Police.

17 You have probably thought that in China all the roads well as in all sorts of Europe but America? Here netushki, it's China! The country is experiencing an unprecedented economic boom, building entire cities from scratch, but the people and their mentality is unchanged. Any, the good road can be hell. People scurry between the rows of cars, machines themselves sometimes do not know where to go, and all this flavored bunch of motorcyclists and cyclists.

18 Smiles do not always help. The traffic police is fighting against violators, but ...

19 On what drive residents of China? It was necessary to write a separate story, but - at another time. Now just a few sketches.

20 In this country, you will meet many European, American, Korean and Japanese cars. But almost all models have their own name, and sometimes a very different brand. Here are popular in the Russian car Chevrolet Lacetti. In China - Buick. Of course, this same group GM, but the US market Buicks look very different. And such examples are set.

21 Ёschё in any country other than Russia and China, I have not seen Hummer limousines.

22 That Chinese brands of cars was not so much. It's amazing. What was it like this, you recognize? By the way, almost all, probably 99% the country's fleet is made in China. Volkswagen, Chevrolet, Toyota, Land Rovers ... government introduced protective tariffs on imported cars, the tax of two hundred percent of the cost, so the producers had to build their factories here. Special chic is to go to the "original" foreign car, even though the surrounding know about it?

23 But with the taxi they had no problem. This is a normal public transportation, ride on the counter, all official. You can pay the same card for both bus and metro.

24 Ponte. Thirst nothing, image - all. The Chinese like all brilliant, expensive and west. And numbers like thieves. Here they sold officially at auction.

25 Special painting gives +20 +10 coolness and arrogance. You can not stop at the stop line.

26 Buckets that color is not an isolated instance.

Absolutely all 27 cars in China toned. I never realized it - or the need to show-off their climate. Front windows tinting all the polls, leaving a small piece that was at least something to be seen in the mirror.

28 It looks very collective.

29 This guy even a rectangular oval mirror. All the same farm.

30 I think that toning still not quite legitimate, as some substitute for it blinds. You all this pandemonium nothing like?

31 Hi, kotёnochek!

32 A little about urban development. Pedestrian crossings (sometimes with lifts), tile, including the blind. It is made correctly, not selectively to the crossroads and along the entire length of the sidewalk. Blind people will be able to go on that tile is not afraid to get under the car.

33 beautiful and comfortable. Columns that are not zazzhali car on the sidewalk.

34 But you have not forgotten that this is China? Yes, they have a realization of good ideas, too, sometimes limping.

35 How could this happen?

36 But those of Russia and China is different, that sometimes happen enlightenment. Tiles broken - put warning.

37 fences here, in contrast to our households, have deystvitleno useful purpose. And it is not painted in the colors of hell.

38 Still, to the civilized world of the 21st century as the moon. A man on a scooter going straight on the pedestrian post. All do not care.

39 do not interfere with the separation fence to run across the road in the wrong place. Although it is one of the goals of their installation ...

40 And these bars were installed specifically against these assholes. No, climbing with his mokiki!

41 Stop at a pedestrian crossing - but so what!

42 And where only the police looks? Yes, they were parked on the sidewalk!

43 Good! He threw the car, leaving the other closed, and the phone did not leave.

44 blocking the crosswalk? But it does not have far to go to the car!

45 The Chinese are learning from around the world. And sometimes not only the good. New fashion - threw wagon violation of the rules? Carry out a room with you, then do not be fined!

46 I do not care at all, the park as I want!

47 To the great happiness for the Chinese nation, the police harshly repress such violations. Number mudakov Roads in any case less than Moscow. Because the inspectors go hiking and pasting fines on the window. We have up until now this had not, and no "Parkon" will never solve the problem.

48 For all this chaos outside, I saw only one incident, quite small. Maybe it's because the Chinese is not the main thing - aggression behind the wheel? And this is very important in road safety.



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