Swiss cheesemakers (7 photos)

In the summer most people are resting on the sea or in the country, go abroad, while some completely different life. The family does not happen Myuris weekend: they work 15 hours a day, 7 days a week from mid-May until late October. Family Myuris engaged in cheese making. It is a process that requires the utmost concentration for six hours. In this case, every second counts: it is necessary to lose time, and the cheese will not be so good. Here, many factors are important: for example, the temperature of the milk in the morning and even the weather. Skill comes with experience, this can not be learned from books.


Jacques, a 64-telny head of the family, never specifically studied cheese-making, he went around in practice. Each "circle" cheese weighs between 25 and 40 kilograms. Depending on the time of year for a day, you can make one or two rounds of cheese. For full readiness requires a minimum of 6 months annually Myuris family produces about 200 rounds of cheese from unpasteurized milk from cows from its own farm.


At 5 o'clock in the morning all the family members are already hard at work. Alexander and his younger brother Pierre kicked out the cattle, and Jacques, meanwhile, remove foam with milk. Alexander acknowledged that he was glad that he was in the house with his father, and cheese-making is exactly what he wants to do.


Highest pasture located at an altitude of 1450 meters. To get to it on foot falls. All equipment farmers meanwhile raised by cable car. Family members go to bed late, around 8.30. Therefore, ever rented a nearby chalet and arranges a party for the whole night, it causes irritation of the locals, who are used to the silence.


At the end of the season cows give less milk and Myurisam manages to produce no more than one round of cheese in den.Po old tradition always choose the cow, which is ahead of the flock, and driven for a truck with things covered with a red veil as a sign that a family has no debt . On the way to the pasture men greet the locals by offering them a glass of beer or glass of wine.


• 35% of the milk produced in Switzerland in 2012, was used for the production of 450 different kinds of cheese and only 4.58% were exported
• In 2011, it was estimated that 8 million Swiss residents eat 21.4 kg of cheese per capita, which is almost 2 times more than the number of consumed chocolate
• From 2012, exports increased by 3, 7% compared to 2011
• 70, 4% of Swiss cheese was exported to neighboring countries (Germany, France, Italy)
• About 6,000 people work in Switzerland in the industry related to the production of cheese



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