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Many parents have read and continue to read fairy tales to children at bedtime. Children from around the world adore tales and fairy stories are often the inspiration for poets and writers. Many heroes of fairy tales have been immortalized in sculpture, standing on the squares, parks, or on the banks of rivers. We offer the most famous sculptures of magical characters. Sculpture "The Little Mermaid" is located on the waterfront Langelinie a 10-minute walk from the harbor in Copenhagen, Denmark. Made almost life-size, it represents little mermaid sitting on a rock near the water. A small sculpture depicting the heroine of a fairy tale by Hans Christian Andersen, written in 1837, is a symbol of Copenhagen and serves as attraction of tourists since 1913.

Over a hundred years of its existence, the statue has been repeatedly subject to vandalism. It repeatedly doused with paint, broken arm, wore a veil and even dropped from the pedestal in 2003. Fortunately, every time the sculpture was reduced.

Fremont Troll is a sculpture height of 5, 5 m, located at the George Washington Bridge. In the hands of a real nego- Volkswagen "Beetle" Californian numbers, as if he had just fallen from the bridge.

Depicting the hero of Norwegian fairy tales, the statue was made by four sculptors from Seattle to beautify ugly space under the bridge. There, where visitors love to pose and climb on the troll and try to pull it out one eye.

Bronze statue of Peter Pan, "the boy who would not grow up", situated in Kensington Gardens, close to Hyde Park in London. This location was chosen by James Matthew Barri--author of the book is not by chance. Barry lived close to Kensington Gardens and published the first book about Peter Pan in 1902, drawing inspiration from the nature park.

Barry Michael Davis photographed six years in a suit of Peter Pan to help the sculptor to recreate his vision. The author of the monumental composition became George Frampton and the first in May 1912 sculpture appeared in Kensington Gardens.

Perhaps the most favorite sculpture in Central Park New York is a bronze characters from Lewis Carroll's "Alice in Wonderland" .Skulptura was created based on the figure of John Tenniela in the first edition. In the center of the sculptural ensemble is Alice herself, sitting on a big mushroom, stretching to the pocket watch White Rabbit. Because of Alice's shoulder looks Cheshire Cat.

Also used in the ensemble sculpture Mad Hatter and Mice Sony. The length of the statue is a little more than three meters.

In Boston, in the Public Gardens, established the famous statue "Way for Ducklings" depicting Mrs. Mallard (from the English. "Mallard") with her 8 ducklings. Heroes of sculptures taken from the popular children's book by Robert McCloskey, published in 1941. The book tells the story of a family of ducks who settled in Boston.

Heroes of the tale "The Bremen Town Musicians", written by the Grimm brothers in 1857, immortalized in bronze sculpture, located in the center of Bremen. Sculptures donkey, a dog, a cat and a rooster standing there since 1951.

In the fairy tale animals leave their masters to lead an independent life free. They go to Bremen, but along the way they come across robber hut, where they decide to settle. Statue depicts heroes standing on the back of each other.

Hameln in Lower Saxony, Germany, became famous thanks to the legend of the tragedy that unfolded in the thirteenth century. According to this legend, in 1284 the city happened plague of rats. Then there was a man in a bright suit and offered rid the city of rats over a certain amount. Man playing a pipe, thereby luring the rats into the river. Despite the fact that the Pied Piper did his job, the mayor refused to pay the Savior promised amount. Man in anger left the city, but promised that he will come back and take revenge. In the Feast of Saints Peter and Paul, until all the inhabitants of the city were in the church, he began to play the flute. At this time the sound of the children went, he drew them away, and no one else never seen 130 boys and girls.

Across the city are located plates and sculptures depicting heroes of this legend.

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