Fabulous motives

Fairytale theme - one of the most popular in contemporary fashion photography. Firstly, it provides an opportunity to try on the image of the all-powerful sorcerer or a written beauty that is often not possible in real life. Secondly, in a fabulous photo shoots connects children's innocence and adult eroticism, and it always attracts. Third, photos based on fairy tales turn out very colorful and beautiful - from which it is impossible to take your eyes off.

Wizard to create fabulous photo shoots - American photo artist Annie Leibovitz. She has dozens of amazing magical photo shoots with the brightest stars of show business.

Photoshoot "Beauty and the Beast" with Drew Barrymore for «Vogue» - the handiwork of the talented Leibovitz. As you might guess, this is the interpretation of the famous Walt Disney cartoon about a prince who cursed witch. Drew, of course, appeared in the form of Beauty and the Beast role played a real lion.

I had the luck to work with Leibovitz and Kira Knightley. Actress skillfully accustomed to the role of Dorothy - the heroine of the cult tale "The Wizard of Oz." I especially liked that the photographer to "modernize" the plot of the fairy tale and put it in contemporary photographic art, school band and charming designer outfits.

Another wonderful work of the photographer - a photoset on the fairy tale "Hansel and Gretel." The owner of the truth of the fabulous appearance Lily Cole in the image Gretel, actor Andrew Garfield - Hansel. In the role of an evil sorceress - Lady Gaga herself. The singer performed his role perfectly - it was too suited her appearance.

Creativity Annie Leibovitz is not without the most popular fairy tale theme - Lewis Carroll's "Alice in Wonderland." In the role of Alice - Natalia Vodianova, and images of other actors tale embodied in the photo the most talented and popular designers of our time.

Nicolas Ghesquière

Tom Ford

John Galliano

Jean Paul Gaultier

Viktor & Rolf

Karl Lagerfeld

Marc Jacobs

Donatella Versace

Christian Lacroix

Olivier Teyskens

In another photo series authored by Leibovitz image of Alice try on Beyonce. A series of photos was created specifically for advertising "Disneyland", and many celebrities have considered it an honor to be invited to this survey.

Beyonce, Oliver Platt and Lyle Lovett

Queen Latifah in the image of Ursula

Alec Baldwin - a magic mirror, Olivia Wilde - wicked witch, "Snow White»

Rachel Weisz - Snow

Tennis player Roger Federer in the image of King Arthur

Julie Andrews and Abigail Breslin - fairies, "Pinocchio»

Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony - the heroes of "The Magic lamp of Aladdin»

Vanessa Hudgens and Zac Efron - The Sleeping Prince and Krasvitsa

Julianne Moore in the role of the Little Mermaid

Scarlett Johannson - Cinderella

David Beckham - a handsome prince on a white horse

Jessica Biel in the image of Pocahontas

Alexander Baryshnikov - Piterr Penn, Gisele Bundchen - Wendy

Jeff Bridges and Penelope Cruz in the image of the Beast and Belle, respectively

Whoopi Goldberg - Gene

And again, "Alice in Wonderland." At this time, by Amanda Seyfried. In the photo Amanda does everything it should be a true Alice - paint the roses red, playing croquet with the help of flamingos and is surprised by what he saw. And all this in the modern metropolis.

Alternative magazine «Bizarre» also not left out and introduced us to his vision of "Alice in Wonderland." Although I have a small fan of these experiments, in my opinion, a photo session was very interesting - erotic fantasy on the theme of children's books: latex, knives, BDSM, all the cases. Man unconventional views Lewis Carroll would have approved!

Next in line is another timeless story - tragic comedy "Little Red Riding Hood." Natalia Vodianova, dressed in a red dress, walks arm in arm with a gray wolf. The focus, of course, to the fashionable trend - red, but the presence of fabulousness is obvious. We have created this creation talented Mert and Marcus.

The Spaniard Eugenio Rekuenko also often uses a fairytale motifs in his works. This photoset is remarkable that all the action takes place in one room, and in addition to the basic attributes of the models they put on a fabulous heroines ... wedding dresses.

Princess and the Pea



Puss in Boots

Fairly grown old in the years of sleep Sleeping Beauty

Beauty and the Beast (Beast reminds me a cat from a film about Mary Poppins)

Photographer works of Fiona Quinn a fairy theme. Very nice.

Photoshoot for «Vanity Fair» with the participation of the then little Dakota Fanning shot by Karl Lagerfeld. The shooting took place in the house photographer designer in Paris. The photo Dakota embodied four fabulous image:

Cinderella until ...

... And then,


Little Red Riding Hood ...

... And Sleeping Beauty. The dress Dior.

In my opinion, Selena Gomez looks perfect to embody the images of fantastic characters. She was so sweet and lovely.

Fairytale theme often used in advertising. So manufacturers "not children's" drink Campari calendar created on the basis of children's fairy tales. The main role in the story titled «Campari Tales» played Eva Mendes. Not without its favorite photographers and designers «Alice in Wonderland».

Snow White, Cinderella, Little Red Riding Hood and Rapunzel in advertising shoes «Melissa».

Fabulous motives in advertising shoes «Luciano Carvari».

And in advertising chocolate beverage «Rush».


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