Jean Paul Gaultier

In the weeks haute couture shocking enough - as soon not izgalyatsya designers to cause the viewer the most controversial. But hardly any of tier designers of high fashion can be compared in the art of provocation with the great and terrible, Jean-Paul Gaultier. His new collection, like all the previous ones, was the epitome of luxury and splendor, but, as always, with the share of light madness and shamelessness.

om inspiration for the master of haute couture has become the image of the "bad girls" of the last century, which did not hesitate to appear in public in costume - this article of clothing was considered too bold and even immoral to fashion 20s. Creating your collection, Gautier was based on the style of the French writer George Sand, shamelessly exploit the masculine style of dress is still in the middle of the 19th century who later became her thanks to seep into the wardrobes of ordinary women. Following the precepts of Sand, Jean-Paul brought to the podium slender ranks of models dressed as a lady-dandy - highlighted sex, but it is not devoid of femininity.

A new collection of Jean Paul Gaultier Haute Couture includes a variety of variations on the theme of male costume - from tuxedos and tailcoats to classic men's accessories such as high hat and umbrella-cane. Each of these images organically looked on women models who emphasized with a haughty expression paced the catwalk at a staggering high heels.

But in order not to show a mixture of styles only as an example of women's wardrobe, Gauthier made it possible to borrow men and ladies garments for its non-trivial way. So it appeared on the podium and male models dressed in jackets, corsets and long skirts. And the exit to the podium androgynous Andrew Pejic in transparent gowns become the ultimate proof that the world of Jean Paul Gaultier there are no stereotypes.

If we are talking about the ladies' dresses, it is worth noting that in the collection of the French designer had a lot of feminine images. The first catches the eye stunning ensembles in the Art Deco style, is decorated in traditional style for this fashion sequins, fringe, geometric prints and pearl embroidery.

The images in the style of noir became the brightest part of the fashion show. Blood red lips, the hair mesh, tape on the neck, semi-overalls, laid bare chest, extreme cuts from the hip - all this shows that in front of us the work of a talented artist, who does not recognize any framework.

In general, the collection of French provocateur rarely limited by the presence of just a few styles, as Gaultier himself believes in his work there is only one style - his own. And this, as you know, a crazy mix of everything that ever was fashionable art. So Gauthier managed to fit into his new collection and images with a touch of futurism - "space" corsets and bodices of metallic plates looked very original (if that word can be applied to the works of Gautier, in my opinion, it is for them too weak).

Incredible type earrings and shoes, boots - Accessories in futuristic style.

An integral part of the collection are a luxury of the rich fur products, whose presence in the works of Gautier often causes not only admiring exclamations of the audience, but also the most severe criticism and protests from animal rights.

No protest could not have done this time - at the gates of the building where the show took place, there were supporters of PETA, drenched in fake blood, with the skins of dead animals in his hands.

Wedding dress does not contradict the general concept of collection - a snow-white coat and tall cylinder decorated with the bride from Jean Paul Gaultier is not worse lace dress. I am glad that the designer is not deprived of its traditional fluffy skirt, but wearing a jacket backwards, in my opinion, excessive manipulation. Although Gauthier Gauthier would not be if everyone did exactly what we are waiting for him.


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