Diary novice womanizer :-)

From the author: here there is some subtle philological revolutions so that the reading
vengeance include fantasy ...

Day - 1 week -1.

I decided to become a womanizer. I went to the store, bought a «Axe». Took to the streets - no effect. Eyed glare TV.

Day 2, week -1.

I thought that it is necessary to increase the concentration. He put on a tank top, vyprysnul the

polbalonchika. Take a ride on public transport, all the way stubbornly clung to the arm pretty girl - she became ill.

Conclusion of the day: Do not trust advertising!

Day - 3 weeks - 1.

I decided to go to the other flank. Leafed through fashion magazines, I went shopingovat. Nashopingoval white pants and thong. Saleswoman (sorry!), The sales manager, seeing my "soft" beauty - numb. The effect is - that's good. Tomorrow will walk along the promenade will test.

Day - 7 Week 1. output.

Later in the afternoon wearing a spetsekipirovku: thong, white pants, tight-fitting shirt, went for a walk along the promenade. Girls instead of smiling somehow maliciously giggling, but turn around (!).

When approaching the bridge behind me already went 3 people dressed in similar spetsekipirovku. I thought that like-minded people wanted to learn how, and to share experiences. During the call, understand for themselves that they increasingly speak the language of gesture (and grasping), barely gone.

Conclusion of the day: The place I even very personal!

Day 1, Week 2.

I bought a book on the psychology of cool. Lucky at street stalls asked for it only 50 rubles, swore that the only copy, and generally wonderful thing.

I came home, started to outline. By the way, the book is called "101 Ways to meet with a girl." It remains to finish the synopsis, learn, and all! You will be able to rent space for the harem.

Day 4, week 2.

Learned summary. I went to meet friends. Girls in a strange way to respond to the best way to explore read in the book (ask the girl what's the difference between Big poppy and Royal Big poppy, with a hint of a dinner in the near "McDonald's"). The fair sex were sent to build the most "McDonald»

He remembered that the book he wrote an American from New York. Matera.

Conclusion of the day: Not all books are equally useful. And also the fact that the mysterious Russian soul, while the Russian girls are doubly.

Day 6, week 2.

I read an article about the size of the benefit. I decided to order the pump.

Day 6, week 3.

The pump came, looked through the instructions on yourself afraid to try. I went to the country - to try on cucumbers.

Day 6. Week 5.

Cucumbers grown significantly, but try to imagine still scary. I decided to buy a pump for breast enlargement - will grow megakabachki.

Conclusion of the day: I know how to raise the Russian agriculture.

Day 3. Week 6.

Cucumbers sold in the market. I met a nice shopper, a resident of a neighboring house. She invited me to her house on Sunday.

Snapped trade, rushed home to ponder the plan of action.

Conclusion of the day: Spetsekipirovka taxis!

Day 6. Week 6.

Literary prowl in the net on the topic - "The first serious meeting." Given the bitter experience - sought only Russian authors. I found ten articles of ten different authors, but with the same name - "How to drag a girl into bed." To his surprise, he found that all ten text is almost identical.

Conclusion of the day: Sex - a very narrow topic!

Day 7. Week 6.

I came, I pushed the bell. I went in, did not have time to close the door as the - the beginning !!! It's cool AAAAAAAAaaaaa ............ ...... .. [censored].

Day of some kind, like the same week.

To greet me at the pharmacy.

Other day, another week.

The pharmacy was given a discount card and a coupon for one free visit to the urologist in case something ...


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