Skeletons in the closet – everyone has their own

Everyone has their "skeletons in the closet”


Mother accidentally discovered a diary of her daughter. After reading it, was surprised to learn that Natasha has so many secrets she didn't even know. But they were close friends! Oh, your mother has lost the trust of his daughter?

Why is this happening? What to do?

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In this situation, we see three problems:

  • is it possible to read someone's diary?
  • whether to tell the child about it?
  • how to relate to the fact that the child has its secrets?

Is it possible to read someone's diary? From the point of view of morality — no! From the point of view of the desire to help prevent rash decisions and actions of the native child – perhaps, Yes.

Whether to tell a child that his personal diary read? If the relationship is strained – probably not worth it. If the relationship is close – we should all say, very carefully explaining his, still unsympathetic, act.

Definitely can't talk about it to a third party! Never, in any situation, you can not deliver your child to discuss his secrets, details of the personal lives, behaviors with neighbors, the classroom meeting.

How to relate to the fact that the child came from you secrets? For this reason you should not get upset. Even if he always all you shared. The presence of secrets does not mean that he does not trust you. That shows his maturation, his interest to his inner world, about the beginning of his dialogue with itself – all this forms a self-sufficient person. And this stage of development is deeply intimate, it man must pass himself.

Normally developing child is always striving to assert its right to protection of private life, your inner world. If the parents are unable to provide him a separate room, a screen, bookshelves or Cabinet can be separated in the common room of the personal area. Here the child is free to set up your order, arrange your stuff the way he wants.

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Respect for his personal space, the child will be grateful to the parents and will be more willing to seek dialogue in conflict situations, inevitable (alas!) even in affluent families.published  


Author: Lyudmyla Andrievska


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