Why is it when people quarrel, they cry?

Professor of psychology at the University of Cambridge once asked his disciples:

- Why is it when people quarrel, they cry?

- Because lose composure, - said one.

- But why would scream if the other person is close to you? - Said the professor. - Do not talk to him quietly? Why shout if you're angry?

Pupils offered their answers, but none of them did not accept the professor. In the end, he explained why this is happening:

- When people are unhappy with each other and quarrel, their hearts are alienated. In order to cover this distance and hear each other, they have to shout. The stronger they get angry, shout louder.

And what happens when people fall in love? They do not cry, on the contrary, they say quietly. Because their hearts are very close, and the distance between them is very small. And when fall even more, what happens? - Continued the professor. - Do not speak, but only whisper and become even closer in their love.

In the end it becomes even whispering they do not need. They just look at each other and understand everything without words. This happens when the next two loving people.

So, when a dispute, do not let your hearts grow apart, do not say words that further increase the distance between you. Because there may come a day when the distance becomes so great that you will not find the way back.


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