Beautiful and wise parable about why people are shouting at each other

Site is divided remarkable parable, allegory revealing important for every human problem. After all, no one likes to shout at him! One teacher asked the students:

- Why do people raise their voice when quarrels

? - Probably, they lose their peace of mind - suggest students

. - But why raise your voice if the second one is close to you? - I asked the teacher

. Students puzzled shrugs. They do, and never occurred. Then the teacher said:

- When people quarrel and resentment between them increases, their hearts drifting A move away with them, and their souls.. To hear each other, they have to raise your voice. And the stronger their hurt and anger, the louder they shout. And what happens when people are in love? They do not raise your voice, and speak very softly. Their hearts are very close, and the distance is almost completely cleared between them.

- And what happens when people ruled by love? - I asked the teacher

. - They do not even speak, only whisper. And sometimes the words do not need to - their eyes say everything. Do not forget that quarrel estrange you from each other, and the words spoken in a raised voice, increase the distance many times. Do not overdo it, because the day will come when the distance between you will increase so much that the way back you will not find.



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