The brightest and best ads from around the globe and smile

In this age of high technology, many of us are not accustomed to smiling passers and give them your good mood. We often pass by the poor people who need help. This is because we're not used to someone just to help - selflessly ... but good to eat! Among us there are people who are ready to share its warmth with others and help people in the most difficult moment. We invite you to look at this collection of very bright, good ads from around the globe and smile. The world is not without good people!

"Is that your phone? We found it in the grass. It works, but is blocked, so were not able to find out who his return. Please call (626) 755-3002, if the phone is - yours, or if you know who it belongs to. If you are wondering why we have decided to distribute ads with photos, answer: yes, we really have nothing to do. And we are very good people. By the way, you have two missed from my mother. ยป

Thousands of people were left without power after Hurricane Sandy. Some strangers were allowed to charge their phones, so they could call relatives and say that they were all right.

Free food for the homeless. Every Friday from 15 to 17 hours.

Caring parents (on behalf of their newborns) apologized for any inconvenience the other passengers of the aircraft on which they were flying. They offered all dissatisfied approach them to get candy and earplugs.

If you are - unemployed, and you need to wash clothes for a job interview, we'll do it for free.

Please stop for a moment and look at the sky. Feel how beautiful life.



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