Simple physical exercises for a beautiful smile

As strange as it sounds, to enhance the beauty of a smile is possible by means of simple physical exercises. Here is one of them. Go to the mirror, smile and look at the reflection. The same is your smile in the side of her face? If not, "porovnejte" her and lock for a few seconds, pushing the corners of the lips with a fingertip.

Release not reposed to smile, and once again click on the corners. Repeat this exercise 5-7 times, then close your eyes, smile, count to 10 and open your eyes. If the smile remains even, congratulate yourself, if not – continue exercises.

If to describe the physiology of a wide-open smile, you get an interesting list: raised lower eyelids, widely separated corners of the lips, upper teeth visible. In order that the lips behave as we should, try to teach to the active work of the muscles of lips and cheeks.

Smile, open your mouth and "brush" the tip of the tongue alternately upper and lower teeth with external and internal parties. With a force pull of the lips, and then smile widely, Baring his teeth like a Hollywood star at the Oscars. Do this exercise 5-7 times.

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