A touching story of true love

Love - this is the feeling with which I want to share with others, talk about his happiness that overwhelms us all. Today we want to show you some of the most touching love story of a lifetime. A couple of the spouses died, holding hands once lived together for 72 years

A couple from Iowa, Norma and Gordon Yeager each had 90-odd years (they were married in '72 ago), when they are together hospitalized after a car accident. The nurse and the doctor put them together in an intensive care unit. They could hardly answer questions, but, despite this, holding hands. Exactly one hour after Gordon died, Norma followed him, still holding his hand.

90-year-old Norma and 94-year-old Gordon Yeager met while on how Norma was still at high school, and worked for Gordon Chevrolet service station in the center of the State of Iowa. They were married on May 26, 1939 - just as the day when Norma graduated. They left four joint child, a daughter and three sons.

The pair that has become stronger after one of them has had a limb amputated four

Only some schools courting couples go so far as to throw their hats together during discharge. However, Taylor Morris and Danielle Kelly went through a much greater test. Iowa natives even after school stayed together and in 2007 Morris enlisted in the Navy as a technician for explosive ordnance disposal. After a few years of schooling Morris was assigned to the 12th Division of explosive ordnance disposal, and the couple moved to Virginia Beach (Virginia, USA).

While Morris, already a sergeant 2nd class, was distributed in Afghanistan, the couple decided to discuss their plans for the future together. But that's when Morris stepped on an improvised explosive device, losing both legs above the knee, the left and right hands. However, this tragic incident had no effect on the couple's relationship.

Their love story has already crossed the entire globe. Twenty-two photographs of Morris and Kelly were placed on BuzzFeed, a site where collected only the most popular content on the Internet, under the heading of "Love Story in 22 pictures." As of September 20 had a history of more than 2, 6 million views.

Tim Dodd, a professional photographer (and a longtime friend of Morris), who made most of the photos for publication, said the sailor is happy that his story now knows so many people.

96-year-old man wrote a love song in honor of his wife, who lived with him in '72

Fred and Lorraine Stobau lived together for 72 years. So when she died, 96 -year old man was heartbroken. He lost the love of his life. Shortly after the death of Lorraine, a resident of Illinois wrote a song in memory of his wife. Then, he suddenly decided to send her to the competition of poets, artists that spent Green Shoe Studio, about what he had read in the local newspaper. The contest required participants to download songs to the Internet, but Fred sent the song in manuscript form by mail. He also knew that he could not sing, so that the right to take necessary notes.

The Green Shoe Studio song attracted the attention of Jacob Colgan, who was so moved by Fred writing, that he decided to produce it.

Modern Romeo and Juliet, who have killed themselves because they were not allowed to be together

This story was hidden in the middle of the Indian newspapers. In 2009, the two star-crossed lovers committed suicide after the local village council, or panchayat (as is customary in India to call him) ordered them to annul their marriage or face death. Amrein was Muslim, and her husband, Lokesh - Hindu. Such relationships were simply unacceptable among their communities, so the couple were poisoned. Police charged the entire panchayat that it encourages suicide.

The couple, who died with a difference of a few hours, thereby committing "final act of love" after 66 years of marriage

Knapke Harold met his wife Ruth in the third grade, started their romance just in time for World War II, and married her shortly after her graduation. The couple died in the same day with a difference of a few hours, after 66 years of marriage. Their children called the death of parents "final act of love."

Ruth contracted a rare infection shortly before her death, and it was clear that she did not recover. Margaret recalls that when she, along with her brother and sister, told her father about this terrible news, he took it calmly, but they saw that it took some "shift". Just a few days after that, their daughter noticed that her father began to seem very sick. Three days later, Harold died at 7:30 am.

After his father's death, the children stood around Knapke his mother - who has never cleared his mind - and she said: "Dad is waiting for you" top ". They are going there to play a card game, and it is time that you also went there. Do not stay for us ", - said Ted Knapke. Ruth Knapke died that night at 6:30 pm.

Harold was 91, and Ruth - 89 years.

The couple, who were reunited after the fireplace found the long-lost love letter

The couple married after the re-converged, when the long-lost love letter, sent ten years ago, was found in the fireplace is completely sealed. In 2009, Steve Smith and Carmen Ruiz - Perez, both 42-year-old, went to the altar after separation lasted 16 years.

The couple fell in love and got engaged at the age of 20 years, after which Carmen went to England for the foreign student exchange program. However, after one year relationship when she had to return to France, they parted. A few years later, Steve wrote it in an attempt to renew their romance, but her mother Carmen put his letter on the mantel, and it slipped down the back of the fireplace. The letter was there closed during the next decade, while the fireplace was not pushed and sent for restoration.

Carmen, who remained unmarried, never forgot the love of his life, finally received a letter in which Steve wrote: "I hope you are fine. I'm just writing to ask, or did you ever get married, or have you ever even think about me? It would be great to hear from you news, please write if you can. Steve XXX ยป.

Carmen says that initially she was too nervous before the call, as has already been a long time, but she plucked up courage, and they arranged to meet. They saw in Paris a few days, and now married, 17 years after their first love.

The couple, who dressed in identical outfits has been 35 years in a row

Donald Featherstone, an artist who is known for his invention of the plastic pink flamingo figures intended for decorating lawns. However, people who know him and his wife, Nancy, think of them as an incredibly intimate and romantic couple. The last 35 years, they wear the same clothes wherever they went.

The teenager, who wore his friend on the back for 8 years

Due to the fact that love is not only the relationship between man and woman, but also friendship, we have included here this last story. In Hebei province (China), 16-year-old teenager named Lui Shi Ching wore his friend in school every day for the last eight years. His friend, Lu Shao, a congenital disease that does not allow him to walk on their own.

Eight years ago, on a rainy day, Lu Shao stuck in high school when his mother did not come after him. Lui Shi Ching, who was less than Lu Shao, decided to help and carried him home. Since then, he started wearing Lu Shao from school to school, and even in the toilet.

Lui Shi Ching boasted of his good deeds is very strong, his parents did not even know about it, even when passed four years after he first began to help his friend. Lu Shao wrote in his diary that the aid Louis Shi Qing dispel the dark clouds in his life and let it sun.

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