Sandwiches different countries

Today we went to a delicious virtual journey to different countries and see what was there preparing sandwiches. Beware, a lot of goodies!

Chakarero (Chile)

Traditional Chilean sandwich of thinly sliced ​​steak or pork on a round bun with tomatoes, green beans and chili.

Chemita (Mexico)

There was this kind of sandwich in Puebla. It consists of avocado, meat, white cheese, onions and salsa Roja. All this is placed on a roll-brioche.

Chip Butt (UK)

Just french fries on bread, usually dressed with ketchup or brown sauce. This sandwich in Albion is also called a chip roll, muffin chipsovy, chipsovaya bun. In general, an interesting name for such uncomplicated snack.

Luko Barros (Chile)

Just beef and melted cheese on a bun. The sandwich is named in honor of former President Ramon Barros Luko who always order them in a restaurant of the Chilean National Congress.

Civita (Uruguay)

Civita is translated from Spanish as "little goat", "kid", but this sandwich made of beef slices with mozzarella, tomato, mayonnaise, olives and black olives, and often with bacon, eggs and ham. In general, only a little.

Choripan (South America)

This type of sandwich originated in Argentina. Sandwich with sausage like chorizo ​​throughout South America. It is usually served on a bun with crispy chimichurri sauce or Pebre.

Donkey Burger (China)

In English the donkey - is an ass. Yes, this sandwich is made of donkey meat with lettuce and peppers. Served on a crispy bun called huochao. In Hebei Province, there is a saying: "In heaven - meat dragons on earth - the meat of donkeys."

Dabls (Trinidad and Tobago)

Popular sandwich of toasted bread with chickpeas, seasoned with curry. You can also add the mango, cucumber, coconut and tamarind. Quite a popular snack before bedtime.

Dirlegens natmad (Denmark)

Translations This set of letters, as "night snack veterinarian." Sandwich-sided and made of filler, salt beef and pate. Damn Scandinavian.

Dener Kebab (Turkey)

The meat on pita bread with the addition of almost anything, but usually tomatoes, onions, lettuce, pickles and chili. A great snack for those who are pretty drunk, but he forgot to eat.

Fishbrёthen (Germany)

Crispy rolls with fish (usually with pickled herring) and raw onions. Often, the fish is wrapped around the other toppings.

Gatsby (South Africa)

This sandwich is always a fried potato. And one more rule - Gatsby is huge. So huge that it can be divided into four portions, and it usually is.

Katsu Sand (Japan)

"Minimum" sandwich with tonkatsu (Japanese pork cutlet), and chopped cabbage.

Leberkessemmel (Germany)

Literally translated as "liver cheese", although in no liver nor cheese. This is a sandwich with beef, pork, bacon and onions on a wicker bun. Served with mustard and always hot.

Medianoche (Cuba)

It means "midnight". It is a popular night snack in Cuba. It consists of roast pork, ham, mustard, cheese and cucumbers on a sweet bun.

Mettbrёthen (Germany)

Literally - the raw minced pork and onions on a bun.

Pan bagnat (France)

Classic french sandwich: tuna, vegetables, boiled egg, and, most importantly, olive oil. Never fill with mayonnaise. He served on a French roll.

Pleskavitsa (Serbia)

This sandwich of various meats. Sometimes manufacturers "improvise" - added fat from beef kidney, pork neck milled or add soda or mineral water to dilute. It can be served on a round bun or pita with pepper sauce and Serbian cream.

Pork burger (Macau)

Just pork bun. Simple but delicious.

Ban of (Vietnam)

In general, the ban of the Vietnamese called all kinds of bread, but more often these words are a sandwich with meat (often pork or liver pate), slices of pickled cucumbers, cilantro and pickled carrots. Cheap but tasty sandwich.

Roti John (Malaysia)

Toasted in a pan sided omelet sandwich on baguette halves. The main ingredients - eggs and onions, but also added to the sandwich meat or fish (sardines, chicken, beef, lamb).

Zhou Jia Mo (China)

Literally translated as "beef burger". The popular street snack of meat (usually pork, but sometimes with lamb or beef, depending on the region), peppers and spices on a flat bread.

Kaya toast (Singapore)

Sandwich snack based on Kaye - a mixture of coconut and sugar, popular in Southeast Asia. Served with thick slices of white bread, sometimes with the addition of eggs.

AREP (Venezuela)

AREP called thick corn bread and sandwiches out of it. Added thereto cheese, pork, avocado.

Hawaiian Toast (Germany)

It is an open sandwich with ham, pineapple, maraschino cherries and cream cheese.

Vada Pav (India)

Hot spicy snack in India. In general, it samosa with the addition of chilli and spices.

Yakisoba Pan (Japan)

Basically, it's a roll out of a hot dog stuffed with Yakisoba (fried Japanese noodles). Often the top add pickled ginger and mayonnaise.

Casserole (Poland)

The popular Polish fast food - casserole. It is an open sandwich on a baguette with mushrooms, melted cheese and meat. Usually seasoned with ketchup and green onions.

Sandwich with peanut butter. (USA.)



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