Officially: Dead Rising 2 will be released this year

Is good information that was reported by representatives of the corporation Capcom. According to them, the gameplay in Dead Rising 2 will be released anyway in the year. However, the developers there is no certainty that it concerns the whole world. However, as a minimum, Japanese gamers will appreciate the game in 2010, the year.

This idea of ​​Dead Rising 2 will not stop. Capcom promises in the near future to make a film in the genre of Live Action, the plot of which is taken from the game. Manufacturers have even invented a name for it - Zombrex: Dead Rising Sun.

Plot Dead Rising 2 continues the historical line of the first game, and it all starts just a couple of years after the first story.

Main character name is Chuck Greene (Chuck Greene), it is in the last racer. But to somehow earn money, he decides to take part in the TV show Terror is Reality. The site, which removed the TV show, is located in the town of Fortune City. And to be precise, the whole city is precisely this area. Chuck Green's task - to kill as many walking dead. And the murder weapon is of no importance.


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