The garden of dead trees from Carlos Teixeira

Deconstruction — the desire to disassemble and reassemble in a different order — this is one of the fundamental techniques of postmodernism that is regularly used in literature, painting, sculpture and even cinema. But artist Carlos Teixeira (Carlos Teixeira) used deconstruction in the creation of a public Park with green spaces.

Artist Antony Gormley (Antony Gormley) for many years pursued an artistic deconstruction of his body, again and again creating his unusual copy. But Carlos Teixeira decided to transfer similar experiences to the trees. And appeared in one of the parks the Brazilian city of Belo Horizonte his work called Dead Garden.

Work Dead Garden emerged in the framework of the White Nights festival, the organizers of which for several days indulged residents of Belo Horizonte and guests of this Brazilian city musical, theatrical and poetic performances. Moreover, the very name of this event was inspired by exactly the same name as a natural phenomenon in St. Petersburg. And the main goal of the organizers of the festival was popularization of collective partying outdoors in the above mentioned city.

Installation Dead Garden is a few of the once living trees that are at the direction of Carlos Teixeira was sawn into pieces and reassembled in random order.

Thus, Teixeira wanted to illustrate Man's relation to Nature in General and specifically the fact that most major cities in the world is clearly not enough green space. And the vegetation that exists there, sandwiched between the pavement, the houses, from the onetime natural integrity is not gone. As a result, these harmful processes of people, even walking in the Park, gets only demonstrirovalsya in the embodiment of the present forests — broken and re-assembled in the best option.


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