Musical candidate. Barack Obama removed the commercials with stars of pop music

The dark-skinned Hawaiian bidder of the Democratic Party for President Barack Obama, issued a video on the mountain that wants to obtain citizenship only to vote for it.

Barack Obama, US presidential candidate from the Democratic Party, is very popular politician in a musical environment. And it is supported by very different performers: the relatively young rappers up like a hippie with the experience the band Grateful Dead.

As a director Yes We Can video was made by Jesse Dylan, son of Bob Dylan and the creator of the third part of the teen comedy "American Pie." In addition to the, also stars in the movie numerous celebrities, including jazz pianist Herbie Hancock, singer John Legend, vocalist Ed Kowalczyk Live and rapper Common (claiming, among other things, on the three awards "Grammy"). This masterpiece of the election also gives the opportunity to finally hear the singing of Scarlett Johansson. Recall that recently the actress has decided to build another and singing career. Her first album, Anywhere I Lay My Head, which will include remastered versions of songs by Tom Waits, should appear on sale in May 2008.

In particular, in support of Obama has already managed to speak the rapper Snoop Dogg. Artist said that he refused to vote for the candidate of any political party, as he refers to the party gangsta. But while the rapper said, Obama is clearly doing the right thing, to prove to voters that America is ready to ensure that it was headed by a black president. However, Snoop Dogg - not the person who believes that you can safely trust.

Then, as a public figure made a buddy Snoop, rapper, actor and producer Sean Combs, aka Diddy. This artist has shown that interested in politics four years ago, during the previous presidential election. Then Diddy slogan was: "Vote or Die!» (Vote or Die!) This time the rapper was even more concise, turning to his audience with an appeal to "go vote» (Go Vote). By the way, Combs has not yet announced which of the candidates he supports. Rapper just thinks that America's youth need to show more attention to the election, if she wants to "halt the war, and the economy has evolved»., member of the Black Eyed Peas, went on oral statements. First, he and Snoop Dogg, did not hesitate to openly support Obama. Secondly, wrote a song called Yes We Can («Yes, we can") and even initiated the establishment of the corresponding video.

Another famous person appearing in the video, it is Barack Obama himself. The fact that the composition of Yes We Can, in general, is based on one of his campaign speeches and contains quite extensive quotations from the speech.

The band with the speaker called Grateful Dead («Grateful Dead") for Barack Obama gave the first joint concert in four years. This band was formed in 1965 and disbanded in 1995, after the death of guitarist and founder of the project, Jerry Garcia. Later, the band Grateful Dead were involved in joint projects, but did not meet on the same stage for a long time.

On Monday, February 4th, Mickey Hart, Phil Lesh and Bob Vere not only gave a concert in San Francisco, but also made a statement before the two and a half thousand fans. (Incidentally, the Grateful Dead fans call themselves Deadheads, ie "dead head".) The musicians explained to the audience that America has for the first time in 40 years there was hope. "A man like Barack Obama, is born once in several generations," - said the drummer Mick Hart. The previous policy of this caliber, according to participants Grateful Dead, was killed in 1968 by Robert Kennedy (the younger brother of John F. Kennedy).

Finally, it became clear that support for Obama and have representatives of the music industry because of the seas. British musician and producer Mark Ronson, who worked with Lily Allen, Amy Winehouse, Robbie Williams and Christina Aguilera, said that the presidential candidate has provided financial support. The maximum size of the contribution that an individual can make in favor of any candidate, is 4600 dollars. But Ronson plans to continue to support Obama, arranging a campaign to collect money. Regarding Hillary Clinton, the second main candidate of the Democratic Party, the producer believes that it should market conditions and therefore does not inspire confidence.

Sergei Obolonkov



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