Yes They Could. In the US, we chose the president with the best advertising campaign in history

It remains only a formal meeting of the electors from each state in December, and January 20, Barack Obama will take the oath to people, he promised change and gave hope.

2 years ago about Barack Obama, little was known, except that he is a senator from Illinois, and in the ranking of importance took 98th place. However, today he is president-elect of the United States. The first ever black president and the first president in history, so clearly recognized the power of the Internet as a media and build their campaign on the basis thereof.

In his pre-election appeals a great orator, Obama played on the history of the United States, to "high purpose" of the country and people's feelings. The essence of the campaign can be described in three words and one sentence: change, hope, believe and Yes We Can (change, hope, faith, and Yes we can). Expressed in terms of advertising, insight was discovered is very accurate, very deep and personal with all its public. Obama realized that the voters are looking for a new president, a leader of the country and promised them that.

Central Group of its audience, Obama made the youth. It is a risky move - young people often ignore the policy by giving the older generation to choose. The risk paid off - could play in "youth media" campaign promises and did their job.

Barack Obama did not just limited to the official website, he "let his brand live anywhere." In addition to the official website, in the campaign were used Facebook, YouTube, MySpace, BlackPeople and many other resources. Of the more than five hundred channels of communication with the audience in social networks and other officials were only 17 - everything else was created by participants in these social networks. Official YouTube channel contains almost two thousand commercials.

Even before the need for active promotion of correct use of the Internet was recognized by candidates and members of their campaign headquarters.

"Creativity - a significant and crucial difference between a successful strategy," - said in March this year, Roy Spence, CEO 'GSD & M, part of the Omnicom Group, and consultant on the current strategy of the campaign Hillary Clinton. "Messages must be bilateral, as people are more than ever willing to participate in the dialogue. Ceteris paribus, will win the one who can most productively use his campaign the Internet space ».

Obama managed it better than others.

More than 20 million page views a video received «Yes We Can», created on the basis of one of the speeches of Barack Obama leader of the group Black Eyed Peas, together with a host of other famous musicians.

As a director Yes We Can video was made by Jesse Dylan, son of Bob Dylan and the creator of the third part of the teen comedy "American Pie." In addition to the, also stars in the movie numerous celebrities, including jazz pianist Herbie Hancock, singer John Legend, vocalist Ed Kowalczyk Live and rapper Common. This masterpiece of the election also gives the opportunity to finally hear the singing of Scarlett Johansson.

This is another achievement of Barack Obama in the presidential race. None of the candidates for President of the United States did not support as many more idols of youth, and in part entirely voluntarily. Before their slogan «Change Can Happen» («Changes may occur") also reach out.

In particular, in support of Obama vyskazyvalya rapper Snoop Dogg. Artist said that he refused to vote for the candidate of any political party, as he refers to the party gangsta. But while the rapper said, Obama is clearly doing the right thing, to prove to voters that America is ready to ensure that it was headed by a black president.

The band Grateful Dead («Grateful Dead") for Barack Obama gave the first joint concert in four years. This band was formed in 1965 and disbanded in 1995, after the death of guitarist and founder of the project, Jerry Garcia. Later, the band Grateful Dead were involved in joint projects, but did not meet on the same stage for a long time. At the concert, the musicians said that America for the first time in 40 years there was hope. "A man like Barack Obama, is born once in several generations," said drummer Mick Hart.

Another group of men gathered for Barack Obama for the first time in 8 years. It's the actors who starred in the famous series of rollers Wassssup beer Budweiser. The spot we see friends after 8 years of war in Iraq, the global crisis, shaky foundations. And return them to their former state of carefree can only Mr. Obama.

Without the usual TV, outdoor and print advertising, too, of course, has not done. It is not so enchanting, but still original and also demonstrates the country's willingness to change. Take, for example, a campaign in which people recognized that they Republicans, but the Democrats are going to vote for Obama.

That we are prohibited by law, "assaults" on the competition, and in the States it under certain circumstances, it is possible. Obama did not sign under the following advertising is done enthusiasts and fans of the new US president.

In the presidential race also involved the commercial brands and media channels, calling to go to the polls or by simply using the elections as an episode for the new campaign.

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