Jerked salmon with smoke

Balik pork - 1 pc.,
salt stone - 5-7 tablespoons,
sugar - 1 tablespoon,
favorite spices (I had cayenne pepper, allspice and a little rosemary),
Brandy - 4 tablespoons,
liquid smoke - 3 tbsp (If you do not like - can be omitted).
Method of preparation:
Balyk and my good obsushivayut towel. Mix salt with spices.
At the bottom of the saucepan or bowl pour a few tablespoons of salt, spread on top of the meat and sprinkle the remaining salt. It follows that the meat was covered on all sides with salt. Tighten the pot with cling film and refrigerate send about a day.
After wash with cool water salmon, obsushivayut bit and soaked in a mixture of brandy and liquid smoke. Put in the fridge for another day, turning every 4-5 hours.
Then blotted with tissue fluid meat, salmon wrap in a cloth and leave for another day on the table under the weighty yoke (I had a bucket of water). After that, wrap the meat in gauze wrapped with thread on top and hung in the kitchen for days 10.
Well, if you find an opportunity to ventilate the room during drying or make a draft.
After 10 days jerked salmon is ready for use. If you love a solid meat - can be dried for longer days 15. Also, as an option, before wrap gauze meat, you can roll up into a bed or a mixture of mustard seeds, dry paprika with coriander - in general, in all that you love.


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