Homemade sweets "Ladybird"

Milk 500 ml.
Milk powder 200 ml.
Sugar 600 ml.
Butter 100g.
Method of preparation:
Mix all ingredients (without oil) in a pressure saucepan and cook over low heat, stirring constantly.
Cook until the mass begins to acquire a brown color and thickens slightly - that we have turned a beautiful home condensed milk, can be found in the original recipe.
Cooking condensed milk will leave about 1 hour.
Add the butter and cook further.
After a while you will see a soft creamy mass, which is perfect for smudging cakes. The main thing not to digest.
Cook on to a darker color and density.
Willingness to check the method & quot; Krafla - ball & quot ;: drip small droplets onto a cold surface and try to roll the ball if kataetsa good, not sticking to your fingers - that's it.
We spread our weight on parchment and rozkatyvam rolling pin, uneven cut.
Cut into squares.


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