The day in pictures, June 1, 2011

The first day of June, as expected, gave most of their attention to children. It is today celebrated International Children's Day. The Americans sent another shuttle to the hangar, continuing sporting events, and more, see our review of the day.

NASA's Space Shuttle «Endeavour» lands at Kennedy Space Center.

But it is already escorted to the hangar.

Two baby Sumatran tiger amuse the zoo in Frankfurt, Germany.

Squirrel something conceived in Zeuthen, Germany.

Baby brown bear playing with a dog in the village Podvrh, Slovenia. Bear himself came to the farm a month ago, and stayed.

Przewalski's horse and her foal pluck grass in the Bronx Zoo, New York, USA. Soon they may be separate as soon as the days run out of Asia at the zoo.

Snail crawling on flowering geraniums in Berlin, Germany.

One of the activists for the protection of nature on the quay advertises the course of the upcoming Sydney humpback whales, holding a copy of the inflatable mammal. It is expected that over 4,000 humpback whales near the coast of Australia will proceed toward Antarctica during the annual course.

Albanian girl in ballroom costumes before the show in Kosovo Pristina on the occasion of International Children's Day.

More than 300 Cambodian students took part in the festivities in the streets of Phnom Penh.

Children of migrant workers worrying, peering from behind the scenes during a children's party at a kindergarten in the city of Kunming, China.

Korean kids perform at a concert in the Children's Day, Pyongyang, North Korea.

Libyan girl draws for the competition, "Our children are the revolutionaries." The picture shows a rat Muammar Gaddafi, and next the word "killer" in Arabic.

Babies Las Rosas was lucky enough to see the players of the Spanish team face to face, and even play football.

Young Chinese are playing in inflatable floating on the pond RV Park in Beijing, China.

Gangster bubble plays with his arms in the subway in Shanghai, China.

Residents of the United States apparently "lucky." Oddly flood, so the fire. Firefighters pulled hoses to stop the fire in the town of Hattiesburg, Mississippi.

The harsh reality of Libya: stroller, as a subject for the barricades in Tripoli.

Artillery "firing" on the border of Pakistan and Afghanistan between the army and militants in Pakistan.

With such a tangle of wires from any electrical shift happens "out of phase", Noida, India.

Moroccan engineer on the bike and their reflection on the solar panel power plant in Ain Beni Mathare. Two more such stations will appear soon in Egypt and Algeria.

Aaron Fotheringham perform complex flip during rehearsals, performances in the circus "Nitro", Pala, California, USA. Aaron Birthday confined to a wheelchair because of problems with the spinal cord.

The wind lifted the mantle of the Pope Benedict XVI during the traditional audience of the week on St. Peter's Square in Vatican City.

Soldiers of the special forces of Belarus pass another test to become a so-called "red berets" Volovshchina, Belarus.

Full shade and only the legs of Maria Sharapova during her match against Germany's Andrea Petkovic in a tennis Grand Slam tournament in Paris. Maria opponentkoy easily coped with.

Today, all over the world have been played many friendly matches in football. In one of them met national teams of Ukraine and Uzbekistan. The Ukrainians won with the score 2: 0.

Suddenly, the Argentine national team was defeated by Nigerians with the score 4: 1.

Justin robot created by the German Space Agency, is self serving drinks and catch balls.

Today, in Chicago for the first time began to register same-sex marriages. In the photo the first "lucky."

South Korean Imperial Guard is the place where will take place the ancient tradition of changing of the guard in Seoul, South Korea.

Opera singer performs his part in the opera "Aida", which was shown at the foot of the famous Mount Masada, Israel.

This girl is not kanatohodka, and the usual visitor of the exhibition «Play and Motion» in Wolfsburg, Germany. Under the feet of a girl drawing a normal-illusion.

The original floating kiosk shop ice cream floats on the River Thames in London. This week in the UK a few weeks of ice cream.

Photo: AP, Getty Images, Reuters


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