Crunchy juicy nuggets)


large skinless chicken breasts (or legs)
1 cup of yogurt
1, 5 cups flour
1, 5 tsp salt
1 teaspoon ground black pepper (optional)
1 tsp favorite seasonings (I had meat)
vegetable oil for frying

 - Cut the chicken into strips and pour yogurt for 20 minutes (can be more)
 - Mix the flour, salt and seasonings
 - Add to the flour 1/4 (1/3) cup of yogurt and ground into crumbs (hands, fork) add a little yogurt, not to get the test! we need a baby
 - To get the chicken from the buttermilk and put in the flour mixture - roll (can be all at once or one at a time)
(In this state, nuggets can be frozen and prepared if necessary)
 - Heat the oil in a large skillet (0 5-1sm)
 - Fry nuggets batches over medium heat until golden brown (about 1 minute on each side)
 - Ready to put on a paper towel nuggets
Serve with your favorite sauce)

You delicious moments)


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