10 incredible and terrible stories about food and diets

The way the world: in one part of the people have nothing to eat,
and the other where food abound, they invent
for himself the terrible destructive diet.

For example:

Woman few months sat on a diet consisting only of the energy drink Red Bull

After the baby is born woman from New Zealand gained a few extra pounds and want to lose them as soon as possible. In order to, on the one hand, suppress appetite, and with another - to draw energy from somewhere, a young mother began to consume large quantities of energy drink Red Bull. Weight lose, of course, possible, but to finish the job in a hospital, where a woman brought with stroke.

She decided to eat a carrot to her skin had an exotic orange hue

The story began with a dispute in a student dormitory. One girl argued that eating carrots in large quantities can be done about the same effect as from the solarium and roommates with her did not agree. Then first she decided to prove its case and sat on a strict diet consisting only of carrots and carrot juice. After a while, her skin is really acquired an orange tint, then there is a dispute, she won.

As a matter of skin color in itself there is nothing dangerous. However, the carrot diet leads to imbalance of substances in the body, and this is quite serious.

Only beer and water for Lent

A native of Iowa, decided to give himself an unusually strict fast and not think of anything better than to dwell on the variant, consisting entirely of beer and water. Once he took away several monks from Bavaria, who called beer "liquid bread". This idea he liked, and the man has decided that as a true ascetic conduct full post on bread and water - "liquid bread" of its own production. Not surprisingly, all the fast reeling it - and not just from starvation.

Ten liters of Coke a day


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