How to get rid of diet thinking

Everyone knows that the key principles of Intuitive eating are the rejection of weighing and dietary thinking. And if you remove the focus from weight enough only temporarily, from the diet is necessary to refuse once and for all.

The majority of dietchiki with experience, a reasonable question arises, how to do it? It is easy only in theory but in practice, following any new principles inevitably turns into another diet. The author of the Intuitive eating Evelyn's Tripoli in one of his interviews gives some practical advice, which we have translated for you.

How to take control of its own weight into the background

1. First of all, be honest with yourself.

Admit that you want to lose weight, there is nothing to worry. However, to achieve the cherished goal is to focus on the problem of their relationship with food and not on weight measurements. That is, the weight is external, and the relationship of food and attention to their body internal. We now need the latter. The source of the problem within you, then it is necessary to work with internal and not with weights. Imagine a computer where you are simultaneously running several programs, but is currently active on the screen of the monitor can be only one. Your weight is a background program that is running but not active at the moment. A major part of your "RAM" should take the program of establishing relations with food.

2. Previous experience of diets.

Use your personal experience of sitting on a diet. Remember in detail how diet harm your body and psyche took time, money and attention has created a real obsession with food. Most people with a lot of experience food restrictions will never return to the past traumatic experience and choose the longer, but less dangerous path to his goal.

How to move away from diet thinking

1. The main thing here is to respect your hunger.

You need to be sure to eat when hungry, to stop thinking about food. At saturation obsessive thoughts about food go away. Rejoice in the emergence of hunger, think of him as the helper and Savior and are not afraid of the enemy.

2. You should not deceive your hunger, but to satisfy it.

Develop and strengthen trust between body and mind, creating a continuous cycle: hunger — quenching delicious and appropriate at the moment food — the disappearance of thoughts about food until the next hunger. Heal diet trauma that you inflicted yourself in for years to come, requires a lot of patience. The body needs a long time to begin to trust you.

3. Accept the fact that diet thinking does not go unnoticed.

The cultural environment just does not allow him to leave. When you from all sides bombed with advertisements of weight-loss drugs, ideal understanding of the public bodies, the press and shamed the "dirty" eating, to avoid thinking about diets impossible. However, you definitely able to make them non-hazardous, harmless to your self-esteem and peace of mind. Taking it as his dark side, turning to face her, one can attain harmony.published

Author: Evelyn tribole of translation — Elena Labetskaya

P. S. And remember, only by changing their consumption — together we change the world! ©

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