Parable: How do we build our lives

There was a foreman. All his life he built houses, but was old and decided to retire.
— I quit – he said to the employer. – Go into retirement. Going with the old lady to babysit grandchildren.

The owner was sorry to part with this man, and he asked him:
— Look, how's this – build last house and we are holding you to retire. With a good prize!


The foreman agreed. Under the new project he had to build a house for a small family, started: approvals, materials inspections...

The foreman was in a hurry because they saw themselves in retirement. Something was finished, something simplified, buying cheap materials, as they could quickly deliver... He felt that making not my best work, but justified by the fact that this is the end of his career. Upon completion of construction, he called the owner.


He inspected the house and said:

– You know, because this is your house! Here, take the keys and selaya. All the paperwork is done. This is a gift to you from the company for many years of work.

Experienced foreman, was known to him alone! He stood red with shame, and all around clapped their hands, congratulated him on his new home and thought he blushes from shyness, and he blushed for his own negligence.


He was aware that all errors and omissions are now his problems, and all around thought he was embarrassed expensive gift. And now he had to live in the only house that built bad...

The moral:We are all superintendents. We build our lives as well as a foreman before retiring. We do not make much effort, considering that the results of this particular construction is not so important.

Why waste the effort?

But then we realize that we live in a house that they themselves built. After all, what we do today matters. Today we build a house, which will selimsya tomorrow. published


P. S. And remember, just changing your mind — together we change the world! ©

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