Good morning Bohuslav Strempelya (Boguslaw Strempel)

Polish photographer Boguslaw Strempel (Boguslaw Strempel), created a series of images that show us the morning in all its inspiring and eternal beauty. Agree to November in the morning is hard to find something like that.

As is the custom, on the Pole, we know very little. Bohuslav Strempel (Boguslaw Strempel) lives and works in his native Poland. Is interested in photography at an amateur level, that does not prevent him to catch really stunning footage. Most of the shots, of course, made in the territory of their home country. However, often, Bohuslav rides in the neighboring Czech Republic. He prefers the brand camera «Canon». At the finish, and, once again I wish you all good morning!

Photo by Boguslaw Strempel


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