Sour soup "Voronezh".

Fragrant nourishing sour soup from sauerkraut with mushrooms ... Excellent first meal on a cold rainy autumn day! Since our family is very little to eat potatoes, I decided to put the density of soup white beans. From this taste only improved and acquired new soup flavor notes ...

Products 4-quart saucepan:
White beans boiled - about 2 cups
sauerkraut - 300g
mushrooms boiled frozen forest - 200 g
dry mushrooms - 1 cup
Onions - 1 medium size head
carrots - 1 pc. medium-sized
Potatoes - 2 pcs. medium-sized
vegetable oil b / s, with the smell of sunflower oil, salt, black pepper, bay leaf, allspice pepper, black pepper - to taste

Beans cover with cold water and leave overnight. Drain the water, pour the beans with fresh water and boil until tender with a small addition of salt. Broth not pour out. Dried mushrooms pour boiling water, let stand for 15 minutes. and then boil until tender. Broth not pour out. Carrot, onion peel and cut into cubes. Potatoes are cleaned, cut into cubes. In a deep frying pan pour the vegetable oil, put the cabbage, all the mushrooms, carrots and onions. Fry for 20-30 minutes. In a saucepan pour the broth for soup of beans and mushrooms, put the potatoes and put on fire. 15 minutes after boiling, add the sauteed vegetables and mushrooms. Then after 15 minutes add the boiled beans. Post scham bit then simmered. Season with salt and spices. At the end of cooking for aroma ing add 2 tbsp sunflower oil odor. Give scham brew, then pour into plates.
Serve with sour cream, herbs, sliced ​​hot peppers.
Bon Appetite!


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