Principle foodstuff compatibility.


In 1902, the great physiologist Ivan Pavlov published his work "The work of the digestive glands." He found that for each product the body produces its own enzymes and juice ("juice bread", "meat juice" and so on. D.). This work gave rise to scientific thought in the formulation of basic rules of combination of foods on the physiological and biochemical basis.

Numerous deep scientific studies on the combination of foods were carried out by many scientists around the world. Interesting research by world-renowned Dr. Herbert M. Shelton. His works has been established nutritional science, which he called "Ortotrofiya" where he clearly formulated the basic rules of combination of food (food compatibility):

* Never eat a concentrated protein and a concentrated carbohydrate at one time. This means: do not eat nuts, with cereals and sweet fruit.

* Never eat carbohydrate and acidic foods at once. That means, do not eat, peas, beans, bananas, dates, and other carbohydrate foods with lemon, orange, grapefruit, pineapple, cranberries, tomatoes and other acidic foods.

* Never eat two concentrated protein in one meal. Two proteins of different species and different compositions require different digestive juices and their different concentrations. These juices in the stomach is not allocated in the same time. Therefore it is always necessary to comply with the rule: one protein at one time.

* Never eat fats with proteins. Vegetable oil should not eat nuts and other proteins. Fat inhibits the action of the gastric glands and inhibits the secretion of gastric juices.

* Do not eat acid fruits with proteins. Oranges, lemons, tomatoes, pineapples, cherries, sour plum, sour apples can not eat nuts. The less complex mixture of food, the simpler our meals, the more efficient our digestion.

* Melon should always be eaten alone and as any fruit on an empty stomach, 1 hour 20 minutes before eating.

In salads, said H. Shelton, do not add any vegetable oils or acids. Acid interferes with the absorption of starch and proteins. If the added non-emulsion food fats, hydrochloric acid secretion in the stomach becomes weak or absent. Fats also interfere with protein digestion. Better to fill salads, if so required, the vegetable juices. Juice cabbages and other vegetables, added to food, greatly increases the secretion of gastric juice. In addition, the juice significantly increases the enzyme content.
The hardest thing in the body absorb fat. Fat, even in small quantities slows down the secretion of gastric juice. Cabbage juice is almost completely opposed to inhibitory effect of fat on gastric secretion and gastric motility.
Fruits, eaten with any other food, despite their high nutritional value, will make all the food rotting in the ground. In conjunction with other products of the fruit easy to roam. It is best to eat them separately, the food, the sour and sweet-sour - at one time, and sweet - in the other. For its assimilation of fruits require 65-80 minutes. If you use them with food, which requires mastering a few hours, the digestive process will be severely disrupted.

It is not unfortunate, but the ideal is to eat eat separately, unfortunately, our taste buds will not be able to wean completely from the flavoring attacks. So while you need to eat well, as it turns out. Then gradually give up some dishes. Sharp rejection of all dishes is fraught with failures, the decline of mood, apathy and even depression.


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