Ancient ruins on top of Mount Nemrut

Mount Nemrut (Nemrud) is located on the territory of modern Turkey and is considered one of the most interesting attractions in the country. More precisely, even not quite the mountain itself, and the remains of an ancient Commagene.

Nemrut Mountain rises to 2,150 meters above sea level and is a unique historical monument, which has twenty-six years as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

For tourists climb to the mountain can be quite difficult because of the exercise. However, if you choose tours to Turkey, you should visit this sanctuary.

The history of this place as attractive from the point of view of archaeologists, has its origins in the 62 th BC, when King Commagene named Antiochus Theos first ordered the construction of a tomb at the top of the mountain.

Around the tombs were located gigantic statues of various heights, reaches 10 meters! The central part of the tomb is a massive mound of small stones, whose height is nearly fifty meters, and a radius of about 150 meters.

Despite the fact that the tomb was built in the 62 th BC, she was waiting for her "master" for another 24 years. The king declared himself a god, and a statue on the hill were appropriate.

In total, around the mound are three stone terraces-street. Among the figures of birds and animals, there are a large number of gods and mythical creatures.

It is noteworthy that in the sculptures blended several styles and cultures, as Commagene was on the way from ancient Rome to Parthia. That is why the local statues simultaneously similar and do not look like the same Mars, Jupiter, Zeus, and even Hercules.

Naturally, among the sculptures there himself Antiochus Theos first and soulful Commagene. For more convincing that the king really is a god, created stones, where Antiochus Kommagensky shakes hands legends mythology.


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