Young Mom and Mother's Day

As you know, on the weekends a substantial part of the world celebrated Mother's Day. We offer you a collection of original photographs taken in various parts of the world that are able to cheer up anyone.

Silver Monkey check the availability of food in Uipsneydskom Wild Animal Park, Bedfordshire, United Kingdom.

Baby Asian elephant drinking mother's milk in the Berlin zoo, Germany.

Bottlenose Dolphin with baby in «SeaWorld», San Diego, USA.

Mother gorilla with a two-week-crumbs, Ramat Gann, Israel.

Piglets feeding on Seruleshty in Romania.

Gippopo Kid and his mother in the pond of the zoo in Berlin, Germany.

Japanese macaque bask in the hot spring water the valley of Hell, and in the minds of tours to Italy. Snow Macaques are the most northern primates.

African hippos river Mother and son floating in the aquarium «SeaWorld», San Diego, USA.

African lioness playing with her baby at Taronga Zoo, Sydney, Australia.

Horse watching their first-born, a foal, Cambridge, New Zealand.

Great Blue Heron feeds ignoramus park «Pendarvis Cove», Palm City, USA.

The five-month howler on the back of my mother at the zoo Smithsonian University.

Newborn baby white rhino with her mother Uipsneydskom Wild Animal Park, Bedfordshire, United Kingdom.

Lambs walk with their families in the field near the village of Eddington, Wiltshire, UK.

10-year-old mother bear and her two Hani bear at Brookfield Zoo, Illinois, USA. This type is called a bear, sloth-sloth.

Kid Koala is resting on the back of my mother in one of the enclosures of the zoo in Duisburg, Germany.

Polar bear with her cub play in zoo Brookfield, Illinois, USA.

The first couple of years of life, young lowland gorillas spend with his mother, zoo Smithsonian University.


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