The Chinese boom Inventors and Inventions: Part One

Against the background of the growing power of the Chinese economy, it is not surprising that more and more ordinary Chinese are developing a variety of devices and appliances that are sometimes innovative look, and sometimes surreal.

It is about these inventions and today we'll talk. Farmer Chang Ui and Multi submarine. The inventor has created a total of seven of these boats, which are then sold to businessman for $ 15,855 apiece.

The main purpose - to collect underwater harvest. In particular, sea cucumber.

Tests in the water tank.

Abuladzhon ordinary workers, ethnic Uighurs, about a year creating here is a motorcycle, a 4, 3 meters and a height of 2, 3 meters. The cost price of the vehicle was $ 1,300. The bike can reach speeds up to 40 km / h.

70-year-old Zhou Miaorong inventor invented a mechanical slide, which works on the principle of dominoes. Designed for evacuation during a fire. Zhou came to this idea after a terrible fire in Shanghai in 2010.

Farmer Zhang Xiuling and his homemade plane. Zhang did not even graduated from primary school, but for $ 321 has managed to turn the bike into the aircraft.

Another thing is that the tests have not been successful. The plane did not take off. 11 months of work for nothing.

A kind of Noah's Ark for a mini-family of three cost Jan Zhongfu in $ 235 thousand. This capsule will allow live within three family members for 10 months, regardless of what is happening outside.

The joy of a successful test.

The original mask of the welder.

Seven years ago, one Chinese woman had the idea to create a mask that protects from direct sunlight. Now like a nylon mask can be purchased at almost any store.

Chinese farmer Wu Yulu and his robot Lao Wu. The man barely finished elementary school, however, 10 years ago became interested in robots and creates them for his own pleasure.

Robot Lao Wu was going to install a light bulb.

And the farmer has a robot rickshaw.

Today, Wu Yulu has made 47 robots!

83-year-old Zhang Yongqing demonstrates his invention - a hybrid of a wheelchair and a bicycle.

Wheelbarrow, tubes and missiles - the gun for protection from developers. The radical farmer Ian Jude invention to protect their farmland.

The hunt is on!

Syangli Tao created his own homepage submarine barrels of fuel. However, it says that the swimming facilities and operates reliably.

Available all the attributes and even a periscope. An electric motor, and is moved by means of two screws. Testing at one of the ponds of Beijing. Two years of work and $ 4385.

Photo: AFP, Reuters, Getty Images

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