Interesting facts about the movie "The Mask"

I think many people watched the movie "The Mask," which was released in rent July 29, 1994. He became a classic comedy.
But not everyone knows the facts of this film ...

In the director's film begins with a prologue that shows the arrival in the 11th century Viking ship in the future North America. The Vikings landed on the shore, buried a chest with a mask of the god Loki and removed.

In the film, Loki is called "the god of evil", which he still is not. However, the nature of Loki passed quite true - in Norse mythology is characterized by the duplicity, resourcefulness, cunning and guile.

Night Club Coco Bongo, which is mask is actually the name of the club of Jim Carrey in Cancun, Mexico.

Directed by Chuck Russell said that the project was originally "Mask" was conceived as a fairly hard horror film based on the comic book of the same name (which was rated for adults and different naturalistic image of violence), but later transformed into a comedy, Jim Carrey has become a benefit.


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