Giant beetles planet

At the end of the Paleozoic era were driven insects like dragonflies meganeura with a wingspan of 75 cm or merostomes of up to 2 meters. But in this era of giant insects can be found.

Cockroach rhinoceros - the largest and most severe form of cockroaches: length up to 12 cm, weight - 30 grams. One species of exotic insects home.

Titan beetle - the largest of the known species of beetles. A resident of the Amazon rainforest. Its huge jaws may even bite a pencil. Despite its size (17 cm long), even a beetle can fly.

Dynastes neptunus - one of the largest beetles in the world. A characteristic feature of the beetle four horns, two large top and bottom and short sides. The length of the beetle horns can reach 15 cm.

Giant living stick - the longest bug on the planet, the length of which can reach 33 centimeters in length. In the case of protection may produce caustic smelling odor. However, the form is harmless to humans, and some even keep them as pets.

Goliath Beetle - are also among the most difficult bugs in the world - can weigh 80 grams. Their size is not too small - up to 11 cm in length. Priemuschestvenno live in trees and eat fruit juice. Can fly.

Water bug - it's the only predatory beetle in our rankings. Water bug lives in many reservoirs of the earth. For the man is dangerous because it can leave a painful bite. In Thailand, this species is considered a local delicacy.

Hercules Beetle - the largest member of the genus Dynastes. Considered to be one of the largest beetles in the world. It has among the longest horn beetles. Can grow up to 15 cm in length. Females have no horns.



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