The criminals were caught because of their own stupidity

Before you commit a crime, many people are planning to try and depict every nuance, but it manages not for everyone.
There are certainly bandits who managed to escape and stay not caught, but it's not about them.
Look at the would-be criminals who were caught because of their own stupidity.

Anthony Garcia
Gang members in Los Angeles who has committed a robbery of a liquor store and killed a man looking for 4 years. However, when he was stopped by police because EXPIRED license plate, one of the officers noticed an unusual tattoo guy. Anthony painted on his body the whole scene abuses committed that allowed the justice system to instantly make ends meet.

Mark Moore
57-year-old decided to start a criminal "career", "specializing" in the theft of bicycles. When he was home they had accumulated for more than 10 pieces, he decided to sell them one by one, which posted an ad on the Internet. One of his victims saw his former bike on site and arranged a meeting with the offender in advance to tell all police. Catch the "cycling" the thief was not difficult.

Brittany senior Tilt Bly and Joseph Davis
Criminals have tried to remove the tire from the car when the owner of the car saw it with my own eyes. To prevent theft, he rushed at them, but was defeated in the fight against the three men - they struck him and put in the trunk of his own car. Car owners are lucky - at that time expired of car plates, in connection with which the police stopped the car. Hearing the sounds coming from the trunk, the police quickly realized what had happened.

Hannah Sabata
19-year-old girl is not just robbed a bank and stole a car. It is more for some reason decided to show it worldwide, laying roller with its committed crimes YouTub.

James Allan
It would seem that only a movie, you can see the absurd scene about how criminals have just committed a robbery of the store, can not get out of it, because the door is pulled in the wrong direction. But similar situations happen in real life. 28-year-old man attempted to rob the store, but he brought with him a toy gun and managed to remove the mask directly in front of a video camera installed in the room.

Social network Facebook, as a rule, it is not scary to use. However, criminals from Colombia was she played a crucial role in the failure of their crimes. Two young men came in an internet cafe, sat at the computer for a while, and then took out their guns and stole a motorcycle. All anything, but one of them forgot to get out of your account on Facebook, which allowed police to instantly identify the perpetrators.

Richard Almaroi
The man was conditionally released from prison - to his ankle was attached a special bracelet that tracks his movements. Instead of rejoicing that there is no need for longer sit in a prison cell, he broke into the apartment of the student in order to steal his laptop. Thanks bracelet police quickly figured recidivist.

Ted Bundy
American serial killer preys on young girls, was caught by the police because of its absurdity - he did not stop his car on the orders of an officer. Further inspection of the machine showed that there were handcuffed, winding ropes, garbage bags, scrap and mask pantyhose.

Timothy McVeigh
A man accused of committing the largest terrorist attack in America (1995), rented a truck that was used in the blast. 1, 5 hours later, he was arrested by a police officer Charlie Hanger for lack of license plate.

David Berkowitz
American serial killer was caught thanks to the perfect chance - he forgot a janitor machine receipt for parking.



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