Jellied mushrooms

mushrooms (champignons or white) - 200 g
gelatin - 1 tbsp. l.
mushroom broth - 300 ml
egg - 1

How to:

Take fresh mushrooms, cleaned, cut into large pieces and boil in a small amount of water. Then fold, salt and give a little stand. Then chop the mushrooms.

Soaked and swollen gelatin is dissolved in the remaining mushroom broth and salt. If gelatin is poorly soluble, it is possible to heat the resulting solution to dissolve the gelatin.

Mushroom broth pour a little form a thin layer and put in the refrigerator so that it froze. Then put a layer of congealed jelly chopped mushrooms, cooked slice of hard-boiled eggs and a sprig of greenery, all carefully pour the mushroom broth and then cooled to jelly froze.

Before serving, put the filler mushrooms on a large platter. To make it easier to remove the gel from the mold, immersed for a few seconds into hot water.


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