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7 Secrets of Mikhail Lomonosov.

1. The date of his birth
No one knows when he was born. No documents the birth of Lomonosov did not survive. At the beginning of XX century, when needed the exact date of the 200th anniversary of Mikhail Vasilyevich took vskidku - 19 of November. On the church calendar, November 21 - the day of the Archangel Michael, as well as before the children were called to the calendar and was baptized a few days, we decided to celebrate the 19th. There is also a version that he was born in September. And not in 1711, as in 1712! Then it becomes logical, why not celebrate its 100th anniversary, in 1812, Moscow was not before the holidays

2. As he broke?
Lomonosov was a farmer. But not a serf, as in the north there was no serfdom, and the state, the family wealthy. His father was Pomerania, had two ships, fishing and trade. 200 years ago to jump out of this estate was impossible. Even impossible. Lomonosov was to catch fish, no matter what the opening he would not have committed. How he destroyed the caste framework, decided to go to Moscow? Mystery. We only know that have lent him three rubles, and he spent a penny a day - for food, books and candles. 19-year-old Lomonosov studied with an 8-year old children. However, the difficulties of his troubled, and one year he took three classes. On admission to the academy, he lied to the selection committee that he - the son of a nobleman holmogorskogo

3. How he lived with an expired passport?
When Lomonosov decided to go to Moscow, he was issued a passport: in the XVII-XIX centuries man passport was issued when he went beyond his village. When he came back - give up the document. Lomonosov was valid passport somewhere until mid-1731 the first, and vice versa, as we know, he did not return. Thus, until the award Lomonosov noble title in 1747, he was considered a fugitive peasant and lived with an expired passport. During the sixteen years of his fellow villagers paid for University, which was well received and the palace, and the Academy of Sciences of the numbers and poems Empress Elizabeth wrote a half ruble fee per year. For the village it was a lot of money.

4. How he spent time in Germany?
Not finding a suitable for yourself educational institution in Russia, Lomonosov went on a four-year state internship in Germany. He was given a huge scholarship, and without special control: Lomonosov was the first time in my life seen so much money. He immediately gave all debts that were with him in Moscow and St. Petersburg, and let the winds. There is evidence that he was walking in Germany on a large scale: fights, drinking, breaking away from the full program and proving that he can relax as passionately as learn. In Marburg, he rented an apartment from the widow of a brewer. Her daughter was very attracted to Lomonosov, he began to court her. Then she got pregnant. Lomonosov was a man with the right sense of honor and duty, he immediately married her, although the rights in general, did not. Until the beginning of the XX century student to get permission to marry, had to write an application addressed to the Rector.

5. As he returned from Germany?
Lomonosov was disappointed in the school and a tutor, saying that he knew more than he did. Decided to return to Russia until a wife - the paperwork. On the way to The Hague, where in Petersburg were sailing ships, he went to the inn where he was Prussian soldiers. Drank hard, and when Lomonosov came to, he was in the Prussian army uniform with documents in the name of a Prussian soldier. Service then carried for many years, it was impossible to escape immediately, because the part in which he served, was surrounded by watchtowers. Then Lomonosov became in every way to be active and to show that the service he likes. Lull, it is early in the morning, when everyone was asleep, climbed over the castle, swam across the moat and right in wet clothes ran ten kilometers - to the state border. Chasing almost caught up with him, and another five or ten minutes - and it would be caught.

6. How was his service to the Academy of Sciences in St. Petersburg?
The Academy of Sciences, which by that time had already existed for 16 years, there have been no Russian, only Germans. Required Russian academics - for reporting, as Peter Academy of Sciences created to learn Russian. Lomonosov came in very handy: Chief of Staff Schumacher (who then until his death elbows bites that took his head University, and became his worst enemy), received him with great joy. But soon the situation changed: first, it became clear that much more educated Lomonosov all academics - half of them even did not know Latin. Second, he found that the Academy of Sciences, corruption is rampant: the amount spent on research discoveries simply written off, and spending huge budget is not checked. Lomonosov Germans began to educate and scandals are not afraid to use his fists. In one such a scandal Lomonosov planted a few months in prison, where he, by the way, wrote poetry. When he returned to the Academy, his salary for a year cut in half - for educational purposes.

7. How do I change his opinion?
In any way. The slightest injustice could lead to a terrible scandal, especially when it comes to corruption.


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