Tool for quick cleaning and disinfecting hands (100% but equal analogue expensive the purchased assets).

Take 1 cup (250 mL), distilled water (can be frozen plain water from the tap, then thawed and used). 50 ml of alcohol (you can use salicylic or whatever, if you can not find the net). 1 tbsp. l. baby shampoo + 1 tbsp. l. dishwashing detergent (though this ingredient does not scare you, it is necessary for a better degreasing brush). Mix all. Fill the container with spray (or not, as you prefer).

How to wash your hands: a little dip in the towel and clean the vehicle of his brush. With brush away all pigment shadows, tonal basis, sebum, etc. After 5 minutes, after cleaning the brush is ready for use again. This method of cleaning is much safer for the brushes than systematic wash under the tap with flowing water in the adhesive part of the brush (yet to arrange brushes general "bathing" still have to but not more than once a month)


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