Service disinfection of premises

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Service disinfection of premises
Moscow, like other cities, is quite problematic environment, with lots of pockets in which to multiply pathogenic microorganisms, pests, rodents. The most effective protection against them is a professional disinfection, which allows to protect the facility and occupants from dangerous infections. Disinfection shall be not only accommodations, but also productive, social, and technical. The disinfection on many of them is regulated at the legislative level.
One of the most popular services provided by the urban services of disinfection — the destruction of cockroaches and bed bugs. Sanitization of the premises in this case would be the only guaranteed opportunity of getting rid of problems such as damage to products and furniture, allergic reactions, and unsanitary conditions.
For disinfection of cockroaches professional services use certified products that are safe for humans and do not change the appearance of a treated room.
Work is performed in stages. The first step is a detailed examination of the room. Based on the obtained data about its features and the degree of infection, selected the type of insecticide and its concentration. After processing the customer is issued a report on the work completed and guarantee. Preparations for the destruction of cockroaches have a prolonged action, so the process of complete destruction of a population does not exceed 3 -5 days.
No less relevant and professional treatment from bugs with a high density of buildings and population mobility, became frequent guests in the city apartments. In principle, the fight against bedbugs can be independent, but the result is to guarantee in this case will be difficult. Manual handling is not possible to handle all the hard to reach places in the apartment, which arrange their nests for the bugs. Moreover, inefficient treatment can be harmful to furniture and human health.
Service disinfection use specialized equipment, forming dense aerosol fog of droplets of insecticide. The size of the droplets does not exceed 90 µm. This technique is effective against not only adult bed bugs but also their larvae. Poison bed bugs aerosol mist not only effective, but also safe and economically profitable. The high fog penetrating power, so it easily gets in all the holes, crevices, inaccessible corners.
Cold fog destroy parasites in small spaces under the condition of not too large size. If the degree of contamination is high, or at the premises of a large area, it is advisable to use a hot mist with an even more penetrating and easily penetrating under the floor, Wallpaper, channels of communication.



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