What are the blinds and how to choose them?

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To change the interior and make their homes more original, you just need to change the "clothes" on the Windows. And most reliable option is instead of curtains to put blinds. They are in Odessa has long been popular. Blinds the best that they can be installed in different rooms.
What are the blinds?
Much better if the blinds are made to order. In this case, they are adjusted exactly to the size of the window opening. You can order them on the website
http://xn----7sbqbggtmqjl7n.odessa.ua/ pre-determine their views. Be aware that they are not divided into two kinds, as is commonly thought, but four:
— shutters — are installed outdoors;
— tissue roll model, often referred to as short curtains;
— horizontal, is considered a classic for a dwelling house;
— vertical, which are more suitable for the office.
But still, when talking about blinds, more refers to the latter two options. They are produced from several materials. For example, it may be plastic, wood or metal (usually aluminum). What to consider when choosing such original "curtains" for the Windows?
The nuances of choosing blinds
Horizontal blinds can be installed not only on top of the frame, but also from within. However, this will not work to achieve, if there are plastic Windows. Here, such elements must only be installed outside of the glass. If the slats are set in a horizontal position, it is difficult to notice them in the window. The slats can be adjusted to set the width of the luminous zone. This is done in order to create a more comfortable atmosphere.
The most common design is the horizontal plastic blinds. They are considered to be more practical than wood and aluminum. You should consider one very important caveat: the slats dust settles, which must be periodically cleaned. By careless movement of the aluminum plate can be bent. However, it will be able to quickly align. But the deformation will still remain. Wooden blinds are more suitable for eco-friendly interior. But if they are vertical, if necessary, these strips of fabric or plastic collected in the side. And then the window is completely closed. The fabric usually has a dust - and water-repellent coating.


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