Window blinds. An overview of the main types

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Nowadays, more and more homeowners rejects the usual window curtains in favor of blinds. This choice is not accidental! Modern blinds look very presentable, possess many undeniable advantages. Such interior elements make it easier to adjust the lighting of the rooms make the atmosphere more stylish and spectacular. Manufacturers offer a variety of window blinds, pleasing a large selection of colors and textures. To find the optimal curtains for your home can anyone

Popular types of window blinds
  • Vertical. This kind is in perfect harmony with large window openings, arches, Bay Windows. For the manufacture of structures, very similar to the ordinary curtains, used cloth, plastic. Movable component parts allow you to easily adjust the light and shade in its sole discretion. Vertical slats have a strict geometric design to fit perfectly into different interior design solutions.
  • Horizontal. Are considered time-tested classics, are showing remarkable practicality, ease of use, ease of installation, maintenance. This type of curtains looks worthy in the openings of different sizes (overall small), not a problem with adjustment of illumination. Compact horizontal blinds are often equipped with skylights.
  • Roll. Mainly made of bamboo textile. Continuous adjustment of the curtain is possible only in length. To roll in the form of a roll, which is located in the upper part of the opening, you need to make a minimal effort. This type of interior elements inherent in the original texture. It is possible to have prints on the surface can bring the room a distinctive touch.
  • Cluster. Such structures are often equipped with plastic Windows. Thanks to the under side of fixation, looking neat and elegant, eliminated shift elements under the influence of wind gusts, involuntary closing-opening Windows.
  • Pleated. The original type of curtains in a solid smocked fabric, somewhat similar to horizontal blinds. In expanded form it looks very beautiful, minimized — virtually invisible. Suitable for openings with a different configuration (in particular, trapezoidal, rounded, triangular form). Pleated easy to install, they can be purchased for ceiling, skylights.

Blinds high quality — excellent Wyborcha the matching curtains should be guided by personal preference, to bet on the design of Windows, the overall interior design. Quality blinds from top manufacturers will serve the owners as long as possible, create a home atmosphere of coziness and comfort.


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